Alexandria is a city in Virginia and it has a population of almost 160,000. Having a family is a big responsibility and choosing a place where to live with your kids is a big deal. Explore best Alexandria neighborhoods and know what this city has to offer to young families. Moving with a family is not simple and easy, especially if you are having young kids. So, you need to take care of that too.

Top list of the best Alexandria neighborhoods

Choosing a place to live is the first step to take when moving. This city is one of the best East Coast places for young families and that is why it has plenty of family-friendly cities to offer. People with families choose a place that has good schools, a low crime rate, affordable housing, parks where kids can play, etc.

A family in a field of grass.

Having a family is beautiful but you need to take care of them. Choose the best place for your kids and move there

Try out these places first:

  • Taylor Run – small neighborhoods that have everything. Good schools for kids, and also amazing nightlife for older ones. You can raise your kids here because the crime rate is very low and 35% of residents are families with kids. It is one of the best Alexandria neighborhoods in general, not only for kids.
  • Potomac Yard – besides families with kids, young professionals live here as well. It has amazing nature not only because of the river, but parks are also amazing too.
  • Eisenhower East – a great place for those looking for a career and rating kids at the same time. Most people rent a home here. Safety is a major aspect of why people love to live in Eisenhower East.
  • Braddock Road Metro – on this list, Braddock Road Metro has the most affordable rent. The median rent per month is $1,900 and if you are looking for affordable places on the East Coast, this is it.
  • Southwest Quadrant – in Old Town there are often festivals, parades, and fundraisers. It has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks where your kids can play every day.
  • Potomac West – this is a big neighborhood with a population of 30,000. Potomac West has older and charming homes, and you will have a feeling that you lie in a small town.

How to move with a family?

Besides choosing a place to live, you should prepare for moving and to organize it well. Moving with young kids can be a very stressful task. A big family is a big joy, but it is also a big responsibility. When planning to move a house, start with preparing on time. Give yourself enough time to organize. Make your upcoming relocation to one of the best Alexandria neighborhoods, smooth and fun.

Create a plan

Don’t start with moving preparations until you create a plan. Coordinate moving plans and inform everyone in the household of your plans as soon as you can. Decide what is the best time to move, find a new home in Alexandria that suits your family. When your partner can move, when you have to start a new job, when your kids must start school, etc. Also, think about your items and how will you transport them to a new home? You can move them by yourself or hire professionals that can be found on with ease.

A map of the best Alexandria neighborhoods.

Explore this city and choose the best option for you and your kids.

Hire a moving company

It is much easier to move with a reliable and experienced moving company when you have kids. This way, you can transfer with no hassle with movers from Alexandria. They have all the knowledge on how to move all your belongings safely, all the while you are taking care of your kids. Research movers online well and ask your friends for any recommendations. You should hire a reliable company with a good reputation and your relocation will be smooth, affordable, and fast. They will know best Alexandria neighborhoods as the inside of their pocket, too.

Pack an essential moving box

Packing is part of every moving process and when you have kids, it can be more complicated. Keep in mind that traveling with kids is chaotic. Also, kids can be very nervous when their routine is not the same. That is why having an essential moving box is so important. An essential moving box is a box that you will open first after moving and during the relocation too, while you are moving to a new home. Pack it last and unpack it first. It should contain food, water, toiletries, clean clothing and linens, toys, etc. First, unpack kids’ items after moving.

Include family into a moving process

Make your kids feel included in the moving process. Even if they are 3 or 4 years old, they can do something to keep them busy. Of course, most of the packing will be finished when your kids are sleeping or they are in kindergarten or school, but when they are at home, give them so simple task to do. Older kids can pack their entire bedroom. Ask them to make a list of places they want to visit after moving to Alexandria, for example.

a guy reading a guide.

Prepare for moving on time and have a moving guide near you.

Make a game

Make a game from moving. For instance, make a competition who will pack their clothing the fastest or their toys. Or, ask your kids to find all out-of-season items, and after that, you can pack them. This way, you will all have fun together and also, you will finish packing faster.

Spend time with your family

There are many beautiful places on the East Coast and Alexandria is one of them, for sure. Don’t forget to be with your family even during the relocation. After moving, spend quality time together and visit fun places in Alexandria. It is a city with a long history, delicious food, family-friendly amenities, and interesting places. Besides exploring the best Alexandria neighborhoods, also explore places your kids are going to love.