Hicksville is a suburb in NYC, with a population of almost 43,000, a little bit outside of the center. So, by living here, you won’t have a problem with the crowd, it is quiet and nice. It offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes (around 87%) which is not usual for NYC. If you are thinking about investing money in a vacation home, this place may be one of the locations to consider. Why should your second home be in Hicksville and what this place has to offer to people?

Why should your second home be in Hicksville?

The median home value is around $490,000 and the median rent is around $1,900 (it is good to know if you want to rent your home). It is one of the NYC neighborhoods for families because it is safe and quiet. Perfect place if you want a quiet vacation. Many people from Brooklyn or Manhattan looking for a second home, somewhere more affordable, still in NYC but a little bit different. Hicksville is just the place for that. If you have kids, it may be a good choice – in Hicksville, they can play and have a happy childhood.

Living room.

If you want to have a bigger space and a second home, this part of NY may be one of the options to consider

Besides young families, retirees want to spend their time here too. It is safer and better for seniors. It is another reason why should your second home be in Hicksville, in case you want to relax a little bit outside of the city center.

No matter if you are a senior, or you have kids, moving can be stressful and complicated. This is why you should consider hiring a moving company, to make the process easier. One of the companies to contact may be tiktokmoving.com so your only job will be to relax and to worry about transporting your items.

A view of NY.

If you are tired of living in downtown and want to change the environment a little bit, a second home may be near your primary home

Moving your items to a second home in Hicksville

If your primary, first home, is near Hicksville, you still need to organize transportation and to make sure all your items are safe. To make the process stress-less and easier, you can rely on crews in the area because they already have experience. This way you can focus on furnishing a place and decorate it.

There are many reasons why should your second home be in Hicksville, for example, if you have moved to a small apartment and want a bigger home too, also in NY, that can be another reason. If you can afford it, why not. You can even earn money from it because people are always looking to rent a place in NY. And monthly rent is not that cheap, so it may be a good financial investment.