Looking to discover the reasons why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house? Well, Manchester is a great choice. There are so many amazing things about this wonderful city, but here are some of our favorite things about Manchester.

Manchester is the largest city in beautiful New Hampshire. It offers great outdoor recreation options, entertainment, arts, culture, and creative and delicious dining options. And these are just some of the reasons for moving to New Hampshire and Manchester. As one of the best cities to live and start a business, this city has grown from a small manufacturing town to a bustling place in the heart of New England. So, here’s why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house along with some tips for moving here.

New Hampshire Street - Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house

There are many reasons why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house.


Manchester is the largest North Hampshire city, with an easy driving distance of Maine and Vermont. Also, Manchester’s location offers easy access to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Canada, and the East Coast. This is a perfect location for a winter ski getaway. But, it’s also excellent for a summer pastime like hiking, tubing, swimming, boarding, and whale-watching. So, New Hampshire’s biggest town is perfectly located for year-round fun. Therefore, location is one of the reasons why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house.

Why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house – Manchester Neighborhoods

Manchester is made up of twenty-five neighborhoods, with each district distinct. Some of the major neighborhoods are Youngsville, Goffes Falls, Rimmon Heights, Hallsville, and Bakersville. They spread out among the west, east, and north ends of the city. Regardless of what neighborhood you choose as a place for your second house, local professionals are at your disposal to help you move. So, if you want to organize a simple relocation to Manchester, NH, make sure to consider reliable people to have in your team. They know the area well, and so you will experience an easy transition.

Manchester Downtown is vibrant and full of life with the business all around. Since the city is the center of the NH economics, the environment downtown is professional. But, residents from all over the city come to the core to calm down and have a good time. Still, regardless of where you move to Manchester, research neighborhoods to find a perfect place for your second house in the city.

Costs of living

The median family income in the city is about $60,000 and the median home price is about 167,000. Therefore, Manchester’s cost of living is equal to that of the state. Still, they are higher than the national average. But, if you weigh the cost of living, housing, utilities, transportation, food, and health care to other similar size cities, the cost of living isn’t as expensive as it seems.

With affordable area houses and cost-effective condominiums finding a place to call your second home should be a problem. If you couple that with no state income tax or city sales tax, reasonable utility rates, and fair food and healthcare costs, Manchester may be the perfect place for you to move here. And My Brooks Moving NH is there to help you if you decide to start your new life chapter in this beautiful city. They are your best moving aid.

House Costs

Cost of living is another reason why you should buy a second house in Manchester.

Why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house – Quality of life

If you decide to buy a house in Manchester and move here, you can expect a great quality of living. Also, life in this city offers safe streets, low poverty, excellent healthcare, and plenty of education choices. So, Manchester is one of those places where you can easily learn how to overcome relocation depression. You should know that NH consistently ranks as the safest state, with the lowest homicide rate in the USA. It’s one of the healthiest states in the nation and its health system ranks 2nd overall. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should buy a second house in Manchester and consider relocating here.

Culture and contemporary life

There are so many things to do in Manchester, especially for those who love music and the arts. The city doesn’t disappoint fans of art, architecture, and design. Manchester is home to the Currier Museum of Art’s timeless masterpieces and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House. Then, there is Palace Theatre, a perfect place to enjoy Broadway hits, jazz, and blues performances. As you can see, between museums or parks and lakes, there is always something to do both inside and outside of Manchester. And, after all the indoor and outdoor fun, residents can fill up at one of the many area restaurants. 

Also, Manchester is the only city in the state with its own professional sports teams. So, if you’re a sports nut, you can enjoy a baseball game at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. You can also root for the Manchester Monarch ice hockey team at Verizon Wireless Arena. Also, Manchester has a strong presence of rugby, roller derby, and women’s tackle football. 

Many recreacional activities

If you’re an outdoor person, Manchester is the perfect place to buy your second house. The city owns 900 acres of parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and public beaches. Plus, there is the city amenity, the Lake Massabesic. This is a place where you can enjoy sailing, fishing, and kayaking. However, runners, walkers, and mountain bikers can enjoy all Massabesic has to offer.

So, Manchester is a wonderful location for access to many different recreational activities. The city is two hours away from the White Mountain National Forest where you can hike in the summer or ski during the winter. NH doesn’t have many miles of coastline, but you can enjoy the beautiful ocean views. So, outdoor fans will love living here.

Boat Lake Sunrise

Manchester NH has so many recreational opportunities.

Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house – In conclusion

These are just some of the reasons why is Manchester, NH a perfect place for your second house and move here. Consider hiring moving professionals to help you and avoid all the stress and anxiety that come with the relocation. But, make sure you know fraudulent movers – how to spot them. The key to a successful relocation is working with professional and reliable movers. So, you must know how to find them.

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand what living in Manchester looks like and why you should buy a second home here.