There are a few things that are certain in life. First is that you have to pay taxes. And the second one is that everyone who has heard about New York has thought about living in it. The skyscrapers, the avenues, the shopping centers, the business centers, the parks… You name it, New York has got it. It seems like the world has collectively decided to make NYC the biggest, busiest place in the world, and that is exactly why we love living in it. But, those are not the only reasons why we love living in New York.

Living in New York
Living in New York can truly be an awesome experience.

What is so great about NYC?

Ask any top mover in New York, even Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, what is so great about it and you will find them stunned. Not because there is nothing great about living in NYC. Far from so. The fact is that there are just so many things that make New York awesome that it can be hard to think of them at a moments notice. But, if you give the person some time to think, you will soon hear all the awesome things that make NYC such a terrific place to live in.


Let’s start off with the most obvious one. One of the biggest pros of living in a big city is the diversity. And, New York is such a diverse place both culturally and ethically that it can be quite overwhelming for newcomers. But, once you start living in it, you’ll grow to love diversity. It seems like the people from every nation in the world have decided to move to New York and make their dreams come through.

People of New York
Once you start discovering all the different cultures and etnisithies in New York you will have a hard time stopping.

Furthermore, once they came here they brought their culture with them. And, as it turns out, their home culture has not been lost over centuries. Which is why you can find pretty much anything in NYC. From Asian cuisines to African dance classes to Filipino martial arts. If you can think about it, you can find it in NYC. Plus, many people have mixed and matched different cultures and made something that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. The cultural cocktail of New York truly has something for everyone.

Job opportunities

Another reason why people love living in New York is job opportunities. If you are a young professional who would like to make something of themselves in their field of expertise, then New York is the place for you. Millions of people work night and day in New York which makes it a huge pot of ideas and hard work. And if you really want to see how hard you can work, there is no better place then New York. In order to bring out the best in you, you will need competition. And there is no place in the world that is as competitive as New York. If you are honest, direct and hardworking, New York will reward you. But, you need to bring your A-game to truly shine.

Being in the center of everything

Since the Earth is actually a globe, there is no place that is literally the center of everything. Well, there is, but it is kinda hard to reach. But, if we were to think of a place that is metaphorically the center of everything, we cannot help but choose New York. All the major events that shape the world either happen in New York or end up going through it. Yes, there are things happening in different parts of the world. But, the ones that truly make a global mark are all situated in New York. Therefore, it is no surprise that if when people want to be in the middle of world events, they choose to move to New York.

Living in New York

In order to truly enjoy living in New York, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of when it comes to NYC lifestyle. The first thing to know is that New York is not for everyone. Yes, it is an awesome place that has a lot to offer to all genders, ages, and races. But, there are certain aspects of it that may not suit you. For instance, if you are an introverted person, you may not like living in NYC. While there are neighborhoods that are more suited for a more quiet, family orianted lifestyle, you’ll be much better off in a smaller town. But, if you are an energetic person that is ready to live their life to its maximal potential, then New York is the place for you.

How to live

Start off by getting rid of your car. New York has one of the best public transport systems in the world, and having a car is often useless. You can get pretty much anywhere by taking the metro or by getting a cab. Plus, owning a car in New York is expensive. And, you will need to save your money at first, if you want to spend it on things that are really worth it. One bad thing about living in New York is that, while some parts of it are affordable, most are quite expensive. It is ok, once you get used to it. But, don’t start throwing away your money untill you figure out how to spend it in NYC.

NYC subway
You really do not need a car while living in New York. Just use the NYC subway.

Next thing to do is to find the neighborhood that suits you best and discover it as much as you can. New York is so diverse that you cannot explore it completely. Not only is ti big, but it is constantly changing, which is why totally knowing it is impossible. You’ll be much better off knowing your neighborhood and slowly exploring everything else there is to explore in NYC. Just remember to keep and an open mind.