What to do if your furniture doesn’t fit through the door? Well, there is an option to lament and be sad about it, but that is not a solution. We imagine that you are in the midst of moving your furniture, and one of the pieces is stuck, right? So you quickly got on the internet, and you are hastily searching for a solution. Thankfully we got your back. You probably won’t even read this part, so let’s get straight to the point!

Skip this part if you are in a hurry

It is best to measure the furniture before you buy it. This is the most simple solution out there. You need to make sure that you have an entrance through which you can move your furniture. If that is not the case, moving can be quite complicated.

Frustrated because furniture doesn't fit.

“Furniture doesn’t fit!”. We have some advice for you,

Try a different angle

Wiggle it. Flip it. Give it an extra push. There is a chance that your piece of furniture will fit through the door. Sofas and beds are of on the edges and you may get an inch or two if you just push it a little bit more. Slowly maneuver your object and try to find an angle with which you can take your piece of furniture from the hallway to your home.

Try to take off some parts which are easy to disassemble and assemble

This means that you can try to partially disassemble the furniture. Do it piece by piece. Don’t be afraid to use tools such as screwdrivers and hammers. But you need to be smart when using them. Don’t force anything, you don’t want to have a damaged piece of furniture.

Keep disassembling

If disassembling still doesn’t work, just keep disassembling. If you are not sure how to do it, try to call someone who can help you with that, your friend maybe. But, you probably have no one who can help you at the moment. This is why you can go online and search for a manual for a certain thing if you know the exact model of your piece of furniture. However, there are certain principles for every kind of thing. Most sofas are disassembled in a certain way, you can take off the legs of some tables, and so on. Use common sense if you have nowhere to go, just be smart.

Tools and screws and plans.

Keep disassembling until it fits.

What rhymes with orange?

Door hinge. Door hinge kinda rhymes with orange. You can take the door out of its hinges if you need an extra inch. If you can take the door frame, even better. You’ll get one more inch. Just make sure not to drop the value of your home by damaging something. You’ll have to renovate later to bring it back up.

Call professional help

If nothing works, and if you have nowhere to go with your problem, you can always call professionals. But this should be a solution only if you are desperate. Some moving companies can move your furniture through the balcony.