Do you think you have found the best moving company to help you with your relocation? It is time to sign a contract, but on what to pay attention and how to be sure you are hiring the best movers in your area? Signing a moving contract is a final step, so do it right and make our relocation safe and smooth.

A moving contract.

Before you agree to the company’s terms and sign a moving contract, you must prepare for moving and learn moving terms

Check these items before signing a moving contract

Don’t hire the first company you will find. You must know how to spot fraudulent movers. Lucikly for you, we know how to hire a reliable and reputable moving company, so you don’t have to worry about your relocation and items during transportation.

  • Check the company’s license for the relocation before signing a moving contract. Never hire a company without required permits and certifications. Don’t even consider hiring their services. It is not hard and impossible to check. Visit FMCSA’s website and find all the info about moving company.
  • Visit the official website of a moving company as well as social media profiles. Reliable moving companies will invest their money and time on websites and online presentations. One of the websites to visit is
  • Read online moving reviews and feedback, but learn how to recognize the fake ones. Before you hire any company, you should search for other people’s experience. If reviews are posted on the same day, or the style of writing is the same, or reviews are only positive, they are probably not real. Even if you are moving in a hurry, separate time to research movers.
  • To get an accurate moving estimate, a company must come to your home and estimate all the items you need to move. Ask a couple of companies to give you a moving quote and then choose the most affordable one (if a company is too cheap, it may be a red flag).
  • A moving company that is quality will offer you different moving services. Packing services, storage services, local, and long-distance relocations, free moving quotes, etc. You must know what services you will pay and what is included in the price that you are paying. A company must inform you in advance about additional fees.


Always trust your guts. Check the company, read the contract, and trust your feelings. If your inner voice is telling you not to hire that company then wait a little bit, research more. It is not a waste of time to check every detail about a mover.

Fraud alarm.

Prevent yourself and your items from scammers before  signing a moving contract

If you need help with signing a moving contract, ask your friend to help you understand it better, or someone who has experience with it. A reliable company will not hide anything from you and they will explain every word in a contract. Good luck, and choose movers wisely.