When somebody thinks of Maryland, probably the first things that come to mind are crab cakes and Orioles baseball team. Well, that is what Maryland is famous for. However, there is much more than this state has to offer. There are great places to live, amazing things to see, and tasty food to try. And even though, this is one of the smallest states in all of America, it is definitely one of the busiest. The economy is thriving and the tourism trade is booming. It is true that most people choose Baltimore as one of the best cities to live in Maryland, but there are many others scattered across the state that many people love to call home. So, if you are interested in what some of the best cities to live in Maryland are, keep on reading. 

Why Are People Moving to Maryland?

Okay, first things first, let us tackle the issue of why are so many people choosing to move to Maryland. So, without further ado, here are some of the most important reasons:

  • Location – This is probably the most important reason. Maryland is located close to D.C. and it offers similar amenities and lifestyle as D.C. and yet it will not break the bank.
  • Living here will not break the bank – Whether you plan on buying or renting a property, the cost will surely not leave a dent in your wallet. Simply call Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland and let them help you relocate cheaply. The same goes for other everyday expenses.
  • Booming job market – Maryland has the best economy in the country which then leads to a thriving job market. The most developed industries and the ones that are hiring the most are techs, trade, and health.
  • The best health system in America – Maryland is home to one of the highest-rated hospitals in the US – John Hopkins Hospital. Here you will have access to world-class health care.
  • It is rich in history – Maryland was one of the 13 original colonies.
  • It has great outdoors – If you are adventurous at heart, you will have something to do here in all four seasons. This state is a combination of mountains, beaches, and urban cities.
The city of Baltimore - one of the best cities to live in Maryland

If you decide to live in Maryland, you will experience the rich history combined with the urban feel.


Baltimore is Maryland’s biggest and most populated city. And, according to many expats, Baltimore is one of the best cities to live in Maryland. It has a population of approximately 2.8 million people and it keeps rising. Baltimore also goes by one other name – Charm City. It is called like this for a good reason. While you walk down the streets of Baltimore you will experience the rich history, amazing culture, and art scene, great music, and even greater food.  Because of that, the city is diverse and has a unique feel. So, if you like what you hear, in Baltimore you can use different relocation services, that can help you relocate in no time. But, what about other important factors like:

  • The cost of living: Well, because of the highest tax in the state and very high property prices, we have to say that living in Baltimore can break the bank. Do your research before you start packing your bags as there are pros and cons of living in a big city.
  • The job market: The job market is thriving! And there are many opportunities being opened every single day.
  • Transportation: You will have many options when it comes to transportation. You can use the subway, trans or buses. However, the best option would be to have your own car as the city is rather easy to get around and there are no traffic jams.
  • The weather: Baltimore has mild to hot summers and cold winters with periodic snow. You can experience all four seasons.
the city of Baltimore

Baltimore is definitely one of the best cities to live in Maryland.

Takoma Park

Takoma Park was a hidden gem until recently, but now, it has become one of the best cities to live in Maryland. If you decide to move to Takoma Park, bear in mind that this city has a close-knit community. Whether you want it or not, you will have to know all your neighbors. But hey, you will easily make friends after moving. Here, friendly and free-spirited people live. Moreover, everybody is passionate about going green and promoting natural and local products. Here, you will also enjoy great music scene with Celtic, folk and blues festivals being held regularly. And, here are some other characteristics of Takoma Park:

  • The cost of living: Living here is much cheaper than in Baltimore or DC. And, what is more, Takoma Park is so close to DC, that many people who can not afford to live in the big city, move here and commute. The prices for almost anything here are lower than average.
  • The job market: Unfortunately, it is not thriving.
  • Transportation: The most popular is the subway, but you can also use the MARC train, buses as well as your own car for getting around.
  • The weather: The weather conditions are very pleasant during all four seasons.

In Takoma Park, you will wind many green surfaces. It is a great place for families and pets.


Many will be surprised as to why Thurmont is on our list of the best cities to live in Maryland. Well, let us say that this city is small but mighty and that it offers all the benefits of moving to a small town. And for a good reason too! The cost of living is low and the incomes are high. What more can you ask for? However, this city is not for young professionals or businessmen. It is for people who enjoy a steady lifestyle and outdoor activities. Many families and retirees choose to settle here. However, Thurmont is also called ‘Gateway through the mountains‘ as it is located between two state parks, so you will see many adventurous locals here as well. And now let us look at the other characteristics of Thurmont:

  • The cost of living: It is one of the lowest in the state.
  • The job market: Unless you already have a job here, we do not recommend coming.
  • Transportation: Public transportation is well developed, but we recommend using your own car.
  • The weather: As with previous cities, the weather here is very pleasant offering all four seasons.