Moving is not an easy job for anyone to do. Relocating your household items must be done carefully and properly. Don’t worry if you are not up to this task there are professionals for that. Although you still need to do some packing on your own. We are here to help you categorize your household items and pack the best way possible. Only to ensure the safety of your household items.

Before you start packing

Before you even start this packing you need to sit and think. What do you really need to bring with you, and what is useless to you. We all have too much stuff laying around the house. Things we have collected over the years, or stuff we were gifted. You need to prioritize and there is a simple rule to follow. If you haven’t used this item for over two years, chances are you will never use it again. So with that in mind, you can start decluttering. Even though this is not a very fun thing to do, you will feel much better after and you will have less to pack. Win-win situation.

A girl carrying a pile of clothes and tryng to present you with the ways to categorize your household items before the move.

Get rid of the stuff you no longer need.

How to categorize your household items

You can categorize by rooms like bedroom, kitchen or bedroom. For example, all the sporting equipment goes in the same box and you just put “sports” on the box. The bedding goes together. This way you will be able to unpack easily when you finally arrive in your new place. Labeling boxes and bins are very important. Also, place most frequently used items on top. To be more efficient you can download the moving app or if you want to go old school you can create a moving binder. That way you can color code pages in binder and boxes to make it more efficient.


Ok, so we said before that labeling boxes are a must. Color coding will also work for some. But if you have a lot of items labeled “kitchen” then it will get confusing. So you can make categories like kitchen/dishes and kitchen/glasses. Or if that is too much you can just add numbers. Also, you must write down if the box contains breakable items for the movers. You will only be labeling boxes, there will be no need for the big items like a stove to label even if they are covered.

Scissors, paper, some pencils.

Labeling can be a fun project.

Moving Apps

With the inventions of the apps, everything became so much easier. Nowadays you can have your choice of moving apps no matter what phone do you have. TaskRabbit, OfferUp, ThreadUP, Waze, and Rover are just one of the best you can choose from.

When you are done categorizing your household items

This means you are done, and it’s moving time! If you have done this right it will be easy to unpack later on. Good luck, and safe travels. Make sure to be extra careful not to hurt yourself moving the big boxes and heavy furniture.