Moving is an exciting but stressful event.  Packing all of your household items before the move can take weeks. The crucial step is to categorize your household items before the move in detail. This will help you to organize your new home faster and better. There are a few ways to categorize your household items and we’re sharing them all.

Make inventory list

Creating a list of your household items will help you get a better picture of all the possessions that you have accumulated over the years.  

Declutter your home

Go through each item before moving and decide what to keep and what to give away, sell, donate, or throw out. The sooner you start to discard the unwanted items, the more things you might sell online or at a yard sale. The move is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t want or need anymore.

Get moving boxes after you categorize your household items before the move

Using good quality boxes and packing supplies for your household items is essential to keep them protected during the move. Reliable and reputable movers are ready to give you a helping hand and make sure that your household items are packed and labeled professionally.

Don’t forget packing supplies:

  • Labels and markers to categorize your household items in boxes.
  • Plastic foam, paper, bubble wrap, etc.  
  • Adhesive tape to seal the boxes.
Must-have packing supplies

Pack decoration first

Place fragile and decorative items such as paintings, artworks, framed photos, etc. in special small or medium boxes.  


Pack the off-season clothes a few weeks in advance. Closet boxes are the most convenient since you can just transfer your shirts, dresses, and pants on the hangers to the moving box as if it was the closet itself.  


You should definitely go through the toys with your children before packing them as you surely will find items they have outgrew.

To pack more efficiently, pack room-by-room. Hiring professional and experienced movers to help you pack and transport properly your household items will relieve all of your moving stress.

pile of boxes
Movers will take care of packing, loading, and unloading, transferring your belongings, and all other moving-related processes.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen may be the quickest area to pack. You probably use most of the kitchen items regularly so there won’t be much to throw away. If you wish to categorize your household items before the move, start with your kitchen.

2. Bedrooms

Except for the sheets and blankets you are using, most of the things in the room can be packed a few weeks before the move.

3. Dining / Living room

The professional movers will probably take care of most of the items in this area as there is usually a lot of furniture. Original boxes would be the best option for packing TV, games, and other electrical equipment.   

4. Home office

If you work from home, detailed labels will be very helpful when unpacking your files and papers. It would be the best option if you could pack these items yourself. Consider staying eco-friendly while moving your office and help the planet.

5. Bath

Keep a separate box in your bathroom for the items you use every day since you’ll be using them until the day before you move.  

And last but not least, don’t forget to pack a “first-day” box with items such as medicines, soap, etc. that you will need in your new house before you unpack everything. Categorize your household items before the move on time and don’t worry about a thing!