Relocating your home or office always comes with so many issues to be mindful of. It’s a big step for you and therefore you shouldn’t rush when making decisions. Here are some typical moving mistakes people make and some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Not planning in advance – don’t make one of the typical moving mistakes

Some people are wrong to think that they could just invite a few friends to help them out on a moving day, hire a truck and start packing a day or two before they move.

A good plan made in a timely manner is the key to your successful move. It is not time for you to take chances. Organizing a proper move might take a few months, so start as soon as you can. There are so many things you need to do. Start by making a to-do list.

Open planner with a pencil
Write down everything that needs to be done – that will help you avoid making typical moving mistakes.

2. Thinking that you could do it alone is one of the typical moving mistakes

If you think that moving is something you could do all alone – you have just made a typical moving mistake! You want to spare some money by not hiring professionals but you might end up wasting even more because of all the expenses you did not anticipate.

Moving companies are there for a reason. They have experienced and skilled workers who will make sure that you have a smooth move. A reliable moving company is worth every cent.

3. Not organizing your belongings before packing

People often overlook the importance of preparation. Or, sometimes they are just too lazy to organize their stuff before packing. That is how they end up packing everything. However, that doesn’t make any sense because they keep on moving the stuff they do not need from one place to another.

As a matter of fact, organizing your items before packing is a very important step in your moving project. That is the time when you should throw away unnecessary stuff, donate something or sell online if you cannot be bothered to host a garage sale. Either way, you will end up with a smaller number of items for relocation, which is good.

Good preparation will help you save a dollar or two

Make sure you prepare everything before your movers arrive. Close and tape your boxes and disassemble the big pieces of furniture. Don’t forget that the movers are often paid by the hour, so if you are on a tight budget don’t wait for them to dismantle your bed.

4. Not getting the necessary moving supplies

If you are not sure how to choose the right packing supplies, do not make one of the typical moving mistakes by not getting enough. Here are some items that you will definitely need:

  • Some boxes
  • Tapes and ropes
  • Blankets or kitchen towels for wrapping up some delicate items
  • Markers and labels
  • Scissors (do not make one of the typical moving mistakes – pack your scissors so that you can use them immediately upon your move)

A reputable moving company would probably offer you their own packing supplies. The good thing about that is that you do not have to worry about how much materials you need, they will do the calculation for you.

A pile of boxes
Make sure that you have enough supplies.

5. Hiring a random moving company – one of the typical moving mistakes

There are so many fraudulent movers nowadays. Don’t be naive! If the price is too good to be true – run away! Money aside, there are numerous problems you could face if you make one of these typical moving mistakes. Incompetent movers might damage or even lose your belongings. Consequently, you won’t be doing your wallet any favors and you will be exhausted and disappointed.

When it is time for you to decide which company would perform your relocation, take your time to do the research. Ask your friends and relatives to share their experiences. It is almost impossible that a reputable moving company is not booked for months in advance. That is why you need to plan ahead!

Benefits of hiring professionals are endless

If you are moving to a brand new place or your belongings require white-glove delivery and installation, is the right place for you!

6. Not marking the boxes is one of the most common typical moving mistakes

Moving is rarely an easy job. Going through dozens of boxes looking for a charger or a toothbrush in your new house will definitely give you a headache. Surely you’ll regret not marking the boxes while packing.

labeled moving boxes - not labeling them is one of the typical moving mistakes
Not marking the boxes is one of the typical moving mistakes.

A sound piece of advice is to put a little bit more effort into packing because it is going to pay off when it’s time for the unpacking. Label your boxes or number them, and at the same time make a list of inventory for each box. Even though it sounds tremendously boring, it will make your life easier.

7. Forgetting to change the address and cancel subscriptions

When you are moving, you will always spend more money than you have originally planned. Why waste it on something that you no longer need just because you forgot to change your mailing address? Nowadays it can all be done online, so do not be lazy and update your address as soon as you set the date for your move.

8. Not buying the moving insurance

Don’t let yourself be stingy when it comes to insurance. If you opted for the DIY moving method, you should at least get the insurance for your peace of mind. If you decide to hire a reliable moving company, the chances that you’ll be using your insurance are marginal.

9. Not reading the contract

Do not make one of the typical moving mistakes by signing the contract without reading it first. The contract has the answers to all of your questions. Pay attention to extra fees, study the insurance details and check if there are any items your moving company cannot transport. That will help you make a plan B in case your movers refuse to move your sensitive electrical devices or luxurious items.