West Virginia real estate is a hot topic these days. People are more and more interested in moving in here. So, naturally, they want to know everything about real estate in this area. If you too are interested in this topic stay put, this is our main topic of the day. There is plenty to love about West Virginia. There are even songs about this state, especially West Virginia. It’s only natural that people want to live in this place.

West Virginia real estate – current prices

West Virginia has the cheapest housing market in the states currently. The average home value is around $107,064 (which is the lowest in the nation). So, the current situation can be very good for you. Soon enough that will change since people are coming from all around the states for affordable housing, but this year the prices are low. There are currently 9,472 properties available and one of them surely must be perfect for you. This place is a hidden gem full of beautiful scenery and the housing prices are just a plus.

West Virginia real estate – predictions for next year

In most states, professionals predict a drop in prices during the second half of next year. For this area the situation is a bit different, they predict a slight rise in housing prices. You must know that this is only a prediction, based on some known factors but still just a prediction. No one can see the future and tell you for sure what will happen. Remember when everybody thought that the housing market will crash because of the covid and nothing much happened?

Other prices

We covered home prices but we should talk more about other prices too since the costs of living are also an important factor if you plan on moving here. You probably guessed it – the prices are very reasonable and it’s quite affordable to live in West Virginia. Grocery prices are lower than the national average by 5%. When it comes to health and insurance, that is a bit price than the national average. Utilities and transportation are also lower than the average but do not buy a lot. The biggest difference from the national average is the housing of course but we covered our basis there. So, now you know everything you need to about prices and hopefully, that will help you with further research.

money for buying a property on West Virginia real estate

Prices are an important factor when you consider any state. So we covered your basic research here. You can continue to explore more on your own.

Buying a place of your own here

If you are impressed with West Virginia real estate and plan on moving here, your next step will be buying a house for yourself ( and your family of course ). The bank will of course help you out with this part of your journey. All you need is a decent credit score and of course a down payment that should be between 10 and 15%. The better the score the better the mortgage rates you will be able to get. Another good news for you – the mortgage rates are still lower than they used to be before the global pandemic struck. So that can also be quite good for you.

Commercial real estate

Of course, many people will only be researching commercial real estate and not look for a new place to live. West Virginia can be a good place to expand your business depending on the line of work you are in. The good news is that commercial real estate is also way cheaper than the national average. Office space is maybe more expansive than what you might think but storage space, property suited for stores and such are very affordable.

storage space

Commercial real can be pricer than regular homes but they are still very affordable.

Hot cities for relocation right now

If you are planning to relocate here, you will be needing a list to get you started with research. So, here is a list of the hot and trendy cities now so start from there :

  • Charleston ( the capital might be the best if you are looking for commercial real estate )
  • Morgantown ( they have a great school system )
  • Wheeling ( former capital )
  • Princeton ( the jewel of the south )
  • Summersville ( located in the mountains )
  • Beckley ( smokeless coal capital )

Those cities might be a good fit for you, so check them out. If you are moving your business then make sure to call helixmove.com and see how they can be of help.

Moving to West Virginia

Relocations can be quite hard, annoying and stressful. Luckily they don’t last very long but they can be quite tiring because of all that planning, packing, preparing. If you add kids into that mix it can get quite overwhelming. That’s why people hire professional movers to try and make this process as easy as they can. People with experience can help whether you need packing, relocating, unpacking, or settling in. Of course, unpacking and settling in might be easier if you contact West Virginia local movers.


You should start packing as soon as possible. That way you won’t forget anything on a moving day.

Relocation made easy

You can do this on your own of course. But that way you get to deal with endless packing and all that heavy lifting. So you have a choice which is very important and yes it will cost more if you hire movers but it will be much easier and less stressful. So take a look at both options and decide what works best for you and your family. Hopefully, soon enough you will be enjoying the West Virginia real estate you just bought which is quite an accomplishment. It will be easy to fit in this state since the people tend to be quite friendly and welcoming towards newcomers. So, start packing your bags, and good luck with your upcoming relocation!