Whether you are sending a shipment or waiting for one to be delivered, you could be in for some stress, especially if the shipment in question contains some items that are of great importance to you. After all, anything can happen during the process of transportation. The shipment might get lost, it could get ruined due to bad weather, or it might even get stolen! However, due to the advances in science that our society now enjoys, some resourceful entrepreneurs have started selling the option to track your shipment in real time. You can now relax – there’s no need to ever again nervously pace the room while wondering if everything is all right with your shipment. Read on to discover how to track your shipment in real time!

How does the tracking process actually work?

If you’re moving to another country, there’s a good chance that you’ll be transporting your stuff overseas. This can be especially stressful because there’s a possibility that you’ll lose all of your things. Say you’re moving to, for example, Saudi Arabia (and if you actually are moving there, you should know that fourwinds-ksa.com is the best moving company for the job). You certainly don’t want to spend your time worrying if your things will wind up on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean! Luckily, ’’how to track your shipment in real time?’’ is no longer the question, but rather ’’why not track your shipment in real time?’’

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Before we begin listing all the best companies that offer this service, we’ll briefly discuss how the tracking process actually works. Firstly, you’ll need to buy a specialized device that is designed so as to monitor all the relevant data after being put inside your shipment. In order to make sure that this device doesn’t get damaged, read this guide on choosing the right packing supplies for your move. Once the shipment is ready, turn on the device, register it on the appropriate web portal, and set your preferences. These preferences include things like choosing under which circumstances should the device inform you that something is wrong. Finally, you can now either relax knowing that your shipment is secure, or check its status in real time whenever you feel like it.

Track your shipment in real time by using tracking software


While there are many companies that sell this kind of specialized tracking software, we’ll only name a few. AfterShip is one of the best solutions for you in case you have been wondering how to track your shipment in real time. AfterShip’s customers have reported that this software works very smoothly. They have encountered little (or no) software bugs that plague some of the other programs designed for tracking shipments. This means that you can be almost 100 percent positive that if anything goes wrong with the shipment, you’ll know it right away. This is especially helpful in dangerous stress-inducing situations such as when you’re about to move an office.


No tracking software is perfect

Of course, no tracking software is perfect, and AfterShip comes with a few minor faults. The interface for setting up the right information when it comes to tracking could be easier to use. Similarly, the documentation on integrating the page related to tracking is not easy enough to understand. Apart from that, there could be some problems when you want to use this software to deal with couriers on some sites. Still, considering how functional AfterShip is, these tiny issues shouldn’t prevent you from buying it.

Fleet Harmony

The people who use this software are very satisfied due to the option to connect Fleet Harmony with their accounting software. This is very useful for businesses. They can simultaneously keep track of both their shipments, as well as the financial details regarding the specific shipment. This makes things more simple, as it eliminates the need to check both the accounting and the tracking software. To extend our Saudi Arabia example, when renting a storage unit for your belongings in Saudi Arabia, you would no longer have to fire up your tracking software to see if the shipment is on its way to the specific storage unit, as you will get all the information by using only the accounting software.

Not only that, but Fleet Harmony works like a charm when it comes to all the other important features that a software such as this should provide. If you’re wondering why are we describing the other two programs as well, it is because all three of them are great for use. Everyone will have their favorite one, due to the differences in the graphical design and interface presentation. Still, all three of them are great when it comes to sensitive operations such as moving abroad. We will note one tiny fault that Fleet Harmony has though – you have to use your mouse all the time, even in such situations when a keyboard would be easier to use (when searching for a work order, for example).

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The customers love Multi-Carrier Shipping Software because it features some options that are not normally seen in such programs. With only one click, this software will immediately pull up all the relevant data from the server, eliminating the need for user interference. Then, there’s the option to contact the carriers automatically upon user request. The software then updates the data on the server, again without any need for the owner of the program to actually do anything himself (or herself).

What people don’t not like about Multi-Carrier Shipping Software are the confusing administrator options. This is because they are a bit hard to understand. While the necessary documentation and plenty of helpful tutorials come along with the program, the admin options are very convoluted. So much, in fact, that everyone will need to spend some time with this software before becoming ready to use it with ease.

Apart from these software packages, there are plenty of other high-quality tracking programs out there. Here are some of the more appreciated ones:

  • eModal
  • CargoWise One
  • HomaVo
  • DeliverPro
  • iTankDepo
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Tracking software will help you to easily keep track of your shipment in real time.

Wrapping up

So, to answer your question: how to track your shipment in real time? Easy! Just use one of the programs that we have described. Long gone are the days of worrying about your shipment, without any means of knowing whether everything is all right with it. Sure, something might happen to your shipment, but at least you’ll be notified right away. So, try not to worry and enjoy your day!