It is not simple to raise a family. You naturally want nothing but the best for your family. Furthermore, the huge metropolis and populated areas are not suitable for children. There are several options, all of which are among the greatest areas in New Jersey to raise a family. New Jersey has several alternatives for entertainment and family activities. We guarantee that if you relocate here, you will love every minute of it. You and your family will be happy at the end of the day! If you need more information, make sure to check out our blog! Now, let’s see what the top-rated places to raise a family in New Jersey are.

Places to raise a family in New Jersey

New Jersey is filled with many amazing places to raise a family. The whole state is amazing in this department! But, we handpicked these places as the best:

  • Edgewater
  • Madison
  • North Bergen
  • Edison
  • Weehawken
  • Glen Rock
  • River Edge
  • Summit


Edgewater is one of the top New Jersey cities near New York. It’s about 16 miles away, and you can take NJ Transit into the city, which is faster and less stressful than driving. Edgewater is expected to have lovely and safe neighborhoods. Housing is fairly inexpensive, which makes it an even better alternative. The typical monthly rent is between $1,900 and $3,100 per month. This is one of the top-rated places to raise a family in New Jersey because it offers the option of education in NYC very easily for your kids. They can finish elementary school in NJ and go to high school in NYC. If you don’t want to do that, Edgewater offers great local schools too!

Manhattan skyline
Edgewater is an amazing option if you want to be very close to NYC!


Madison is ideal for individuals who haven’t had enough city living. It’s a short journey to Manhattan, situated just off the freeway and under an hour away. The Morristown Line train will take you to Penn Station in roughly the same amount of time. If you decide to move to Madison, you know that local experts can jump in and help you out with your move. Professionals can help you with unpacking and sorting out your stuff to make your new place in Madison feel like home!

North Bergen

North Bergen is approximately ten miles from Manhattan. This is a town that is recognized for its affordability, ranking it high in the list of the top-rated places to raise a family in New Jersey. Aside from being affordable, many of the homes were built near the Hudson River, providing inhabitants with a breathtaking view of the water. Young professionals working in New York City flock to the city for the scenic sights. Single-family houses in North Bergen may be rented for approximately $1,000 per month.


The town has a long and illustrious history, and it is home to more than 100,000 people. The Menlo Park laboratory of Thomas Alva Edison is located in the city, and it is where the sound was first recorded and the incandescent light bulb was created. Rutgers University and Middlesex Community College are also close by. In addition, firms like Johnson & Johnson and John F. Kennedy Medical Center, both major employers in the area, call the city home. If you are moving to Edison with your pet, you should do some research. Moving to the East Coast with your pet can be a bit complicated so it’s best to be well prepared.

Street in NoHo
NoHo offers proximity to NYC and a small-town vibe!


Weehawken, sometimes known as NoHo, runs adjacent to Midtown Manhattan along the Hudson River. Because the city is just 6.7 miles from West Street, it is the greatest alternative for individuals who work in New York City yet wish to live in NJ. Weehawken is appealing because it provides inhabitants with the finest of both worlds. Weehawken rents start at $2,000 per month and can go as high as $5,000.

Glen Rock

There’s a reason Glen Rock is regarded as one of New Jersey’s greatest places to raise a family. Around 12,000 individuals live in this charming tiny town. It is quite family-friendly, with a club dedicated to welcoming newcomers to the city. If you are relocating from another state, you should know that local experts like can help you out. It’s worth noting that the schools here are consistently ranked among the best in New Jersey and that the high school was remodeled in 2012 and now features some pretty cool upgrades. There is a new scientific, technology, and art wing, as well as a new art facility.

River Edge

River Edge is 15 miles northwest of Manhattan’s Midtown. It’s also quite different. It has a population of roughly 11,000 people. We can safely claim that this is one of the safest towns in the area, and it is a welcome contrast from the loud and traffic. River Edge’s biggest feature is that you can walk practically anywhere. We must be honest and admit that it may occasionally have the feel of a tiny town, yet with many amenities. It’s also close to the city, so you can go to your favorite restaurant before you move.

Aerial view of Summit
The town of Summit is often regarded as one of the best areas in New Jersey for young families!


Summit is home to around 22,000 people and is often ranked as one of the greatest areas in New Jersey to raise a family. This unusual city combines a variety of outdoor activities with a metropolitan stylish atmosphere. There are several restaurants and stores. There are also several outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. It’s also a multicultural city with an excellent educational system. The magnificent Reeves-Reed Arboretum public garden provides a variety of programs throughout the year. When moving to Summit, you should choose one of the top-rated moving companies on the East Coast and guarantee yourself a smooth relocation.

In conclusion

We went over the top-rated places to raise a family in New Jersey, and we hope you found your new place on the list. If you didn’t you can always do some more research and decide on a place that fits you best. After all, you are the one that will be living there and your opinion is the most valuable one!