Florida is known as a place great for seniors. If you are in your golden ages and you are considering moving to a new place, explore Florida and its cities. There are plenty of places in Florida for retirees where people are moving to.

What are the reasons for retiring in Florida?

Why so many people are moving to Florida after retirement?

  • The weather is amazing. It is always sunny and average temperatures are high. Snow and icy roads are not safe and seniors can be more active when it is warm outside.
  • Places in Florida for retirees are big senior communities which means you will have a lot of friends there. The number of senior communities is high.
  • Tax benefits for seniors are also a reason to move here. This way, seniors can afford a normal life and some things that are harder in other states, for example, buying a house in Florida.
  • Overall costs of living are also affordable. Food, transportation, and utilities.
  • Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in Florida.
  • An easy access to health services and medical care.
  • Florida has a couple of international airports.
  • A lot of outdoor activites such as swimming, hiking, riding a bike, golfing, kayaking, just name it, Florida has it. Also, you can just relax on the beach reading the book.

The list places in Florida for retirees – where to move?

It is not easy to move all your items by yourself as an older person. For more information about moving and hiring professionals, getmovedtoday.com is a place where to look at. Places to consider moving to, are ready for you.

An elderly woman riding a bike.
Seniors in Florida are active and senior communities are very popular


A town in Florida is first on our list. This place is diverse and seniors are not the only people living here. It is an artsy, safe, and thriving city, and there is always something to do.

Fort Myers

Families, young professionals, and seniors, all live in Fort Myers because it is a beautiful town and affordable too.

South Point

This is a small place for seniors who like slow-paced life. To move here with ease, turn to skilled people and have an organized relocation.

Boca Raton

About 42% of the population here are older than 55 years old, which is around 42,000 people. The beaches here are breathtaking.

Making a plan to move one of the places in Florida for retirees
Make a plan how to move and where to move


If you want to move after retirement to a big city, Miami is a great option. Being one of the most popular cities in the USA for tourists too, this city is fun, it has good vibes and there is always something to do.

It’s time to enjoy

Seeing all those benefits of living in Florida as a senior will make you consider moving there. If you are thinking about the relocation process, hire a reliable moving company and have a safe and easy relocation to one of the places in Florida for retirees.