New Jersey is one of the most popular places in the world. This doesn’t necessarily make it the quietest. However, there are some nooks and crannies where you can find a lot of peace, even though they aren’t as frequent. Nonetheless, there are some beautiful quiet towns in NJ. Some of the towns we’ll name aren’t the most beautiful places only in NJ, but farther than that as well.

Seeing how New Jersey is such a popular place, you can surely visit these towns while you’re having a family weekend or a romantic getaway. Other than that, it’s also a great idea to make a bucket list and enjoy all five at once. Having a quiet time surrounded by nature and pleasant people can really shift your mood and redirect your mindset. Going to one of the 5most beautiful towns in NJ would definitely help you see the pros and cons of living in a bigger place, while also giving you the opportunity to see how its divided towns can make you feel secluded in all the right ways.

Consider moving there?

Other than that, there’s also a lot of cultures that you’ll get to soak in once you visit the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ. Since it’s so densely habited, you’ll experience much more than one vibe. This can affect a lot of things when it comes to your experience. Everything from cuisine to history to art and the way it’s expressed all throughout these towns will amaze you. You just need to be able to fall into it. Who knows, maybe you find your favorite place in NJ and settle down, you never know.

Drawings of movers that could help you move to one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ.

There are some great movers in New Jersey that could help you move to one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ.

5 most beautiful quiet towns in NJ

Short Hills

One of the most mesmerizing communities in NJ is definitely Short Hills. The best thing about it is truly its nature and the way you can spend some beautiful peaceful afternoons there.

However, it’s not just roaming around and having a quiet time. Make sure to bring a group of friends with you though, it’s mostly friendly activities that demand some social interaction. You can do a lot more in this beautiful quiet town of NJ. Some of the best activities that you must try out are:

  • Golfing
    We know that golfing doesn’t sound like a very exciting and youthful sport. But hey, that’s the point, isn’t it? You’re going there in order to relax and detach from the busy reality. However, golfing is not just one of the best activities for seniors, it can also be fun for younger people. The East Orange Golf Course is one of the great closer places you must check out.
  • Park walks
    Apart from overall great nature, Short Hills has some great parks at their disposal. You can go for walks or organize picnics. This is a great option if you have small children as well. They’ll love it as much as you will.
  • Hiking
    South Mountain Reservation is a reservation that’s really close to Short Hills and it’s one of the reasons that it ended up on our ‘beautiful quiet towns in NJ’ list.

If you, in the end, decide that you might like to move here, that would be a great choice. Short Hills has more than great moving services which makes it that much easier to transition with no fuss at all.

Cape May

Finding a town such as Cape May that certainly checks all the boxes isn’t easy. Nonetheless, here we are. Let’s see why we put it down as one of the most beautiful quiet towns in all of NJ.

One of the more obvious reasons are the great beaches this part has. This already opens the possibilities up really well. Going through the list of everything that you can do to make use of this is pointless, but you get the picture. One that’s worth mentioning, though, is experiencing dolphins up close and personal. What a thrill! If you’re a west side person, this just might be one of the places to win you over and make you move from one coast to another.

Houses in Cape May, one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ.

Cape May is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ.

It would also be a smart idea to visit the Nature Center of Cape May. It’s one of the things that set this town apart. You won’t regret setting time aside to experience it.


Cranbury is one of the oldest towns in New Jersey. This is what gives it the historic value that it possesses. The Cranbury Museum is one of the things that draws tourists in the most. It’s one of the reasons the town is one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ. This time it doesn’t have as much to do with nature, although that part’s beautiful too. The title it gets has everything to do with the spirit of the town and the vibe it gives off. If you choose to visit it, make sure to go to Cranbury Inn and enjoy some astounding dishes.


This antique capital of New Jersey is the next in line for the title of one of the beautiful quiet towns in NJ. You can see a great variety of things in a couple of places such as the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum, which makes this town’s tour quite peaceful and easy. The town has a great chilled and laid back feel to it and it really seems as if it was made for relaxation on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you were to decide to move here, it would be a breeze. Especially because New Jersey has many great choices for movers such as that are bound to make everything much easier.

A drawing of a man carrying boxes.

Movers could be of great help if you want to move to one of these towns.


If there was ever a picture-perfect town, this is it. It’s one of the most beautiful quiet towns in NJ not only because of how beautiful and easy on the eyes it is, but it’s also because it has some good quality entertainment while not being too much in your face about it. You can stumble upon a huge variety of shops, restaurants, galleries. Practically anything that interests you will be at hands’ reach without it being overpowering.