After retirement, many people are moving to a different home or even they are moving to a different state. Delaware is one of them because it has a lot of cities to offer to seniors. Where are the best Delaware cities for senior citizens and how to choose the right location for you as a senior?

To move after retirement, the first step is to choose the right location, it is half of the job. After all those years working and raising kids, now it is time to relax, enjoy, and play with your grandkids.

A senior riding a bike.

Be an active senior and choose a location that will offer everything you need

Hiring moving assistance for moving as a senior

When moving as a senior, it is safer to hire a professional moving company with experience and they will help you pack and move to Delaware. Research moving companies online or ask your kids to help you out with that. There are many movers that are reliable, but you need to recognize them. Find Delaware Moving and Storage company and make sure to move without stress. Let experts do all the hard work in order to avoid moving injuries.

Best Delaware cities for senior citizens

This is the list of the 5 best cities in DE for older citizens.

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Delaware has plenty of places for retires

#1 Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a good place for seniors and families with kids too. It is a small town with a population of about 1,500 located in Sussex County. 51% of residents here are older than 65 and 22% are between 55 and 64 years old, which is a good sign. During the summer, tourists come here to enjoy the beach – what is more relaxing than being on the beach?

#2 Bethany Beach

If you want to be near the beach this is another town to consider when moving as a senior. Living on the coast is a good option for seniors, after all, your kids and grandkids will love to come to your house during the summer, so you can spend time together as a family. The median home value is $510,000 which is affordable for this area.

#3 Ocean View

Looking for a place to retire – consider Ocean View. It is not located right on the beach, but it is very close (near Bethany Beach). The median home value is $337,00. Ocean View has a lot of parks and the crime rate is VERY low.

#4 Greenville

Greenville is a suburb near Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware. If you are a senior, it does not mean you cannot have fun. So, when you are boring, a big city is near. Also, this is not a suburb only for seniors, many young professionals are moving here too.

#5 Long Neck

Long Neck is one of the best Delaware cities for senior citizens because it is located on the coast, the crime rate is low, and homes are affordable (96% of residents here own a house). It gives residents a suburban rural mix feel and 64% of residents are older than 55.