Whether you have just moved, are about to move, or have lived in your home for an appreciable amount of time, storage eventually becomes a problem! We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the task of properly organizing our things so they don’t get in our way, especially if dealing with limited living space. Therefore, it’s important to properly take advantage of every storage trick and means of organizing our home available to us! Follow this simple guide on making more storage space in your NYC apartment!

Declutter regularly to get more storage space!

It is easy to get attached to things. Equally easy is to hang onto things thinking that they would eventually be useful. Still, such thinking can lead to quickly dwindling storage space. This is why decluttering is key to keeping up with your storage needs. It is imperative to properly evaluate whether you really need something. Worn-out clothes you can’t fit into anymore. Extra cutlery or dishes which you never even get around to dusting anymore! All of these things can be done away with. You don’t need to throw them away either. Donating them to a charity or a shelter would allow them to see use again, and you would be really helping someone as well! Decluttering is especially important when we are talking about rooms exclusively meant for storage, such as an attic, which could really make a difference for the space you have to work with!

A girl next to a cardboard box.

Donating your old clothes is not only an excellent way to maximize your storage space, but it is also a way to help others!

Use storage containers!          

It is always easier to properly organize your things if they are packed away in accessible, wieldy boxes or bins! Heaps of books, clothes, or other items can be tricky to put away easily. However, if squirreled away in proper packaging it suddenly becomes a lot easier to find a place to put them. An excellent way of doing this is making use of vacuum storage bags and storage bins! Vacuum bags are amazing for any sort of clothes, sheets, covers, or blankets. They make typically bulky and space-consuming items slim and surprisingly light. This, in turn, makes it easy to slide them under the bed or on wardrobe shelves until you need them. Like seasonal clothes and covers, you might not use for months at a time! Though storage bins cannot shrink your items the way vacuum bags can, they are still essential for storing easily damageable items! While boxes can get moldy or let water through easily, bins are much more durable while also providing an easily handled and accessible container, especially if you can find a simple and cost-effective solution.

Install shelves for additional storage space!

Shelves are amazingly useful! They allow you to make full use of your wall space, while also leaving things within easy reach at all times. Using them also allows us to display our favorite memorabilia, family photos, and other items. They can be fashionable, too! In addition to this, they can also be fairly cheap as well, especially if you opt for DIY shelving! There is nothing stopping you from covering your walls with shelves almost top to bottom, which would offer a huge boost in available storage space while easily blending into your living quarters and even offer a way to neatly stack boxes or bins (and Capital City Bins offers some high quality and stylish products!).

Purchase furniture with drawers!

Beds, sofas, tables… You can buy nearly every kind of large piece of furniture with inbuilt drawers! This would make it exceptionally easy to put away things you might need at arm’s reach – such as blankets, clothes, books, or cutlery. They tend to look visually appealing as well! Why waste all that space under your bed, or settle for simply stacking things under it, when you can organize your space like a pro and make sure your items would not be in danger of getting accidentally damaged?


Furniture with drawers can be a very stylish way to maximize storage space!

Make use of storage facilities!

If you know that you are not going to be using something for a very long time, or potentially maybe even ever, and yet can’t bear to throw it away, why not make use of storage facilities? Just pack your things in storage bins, and you can have them shipped to a storage facility in no time! Your items would be kept safe and sound, without constantly being underfoot or having to think of new places to stash them where they wouldn’t get damaged. This would also offer more space for things you truly need and use on a daily basis. In addition, if you ever do need something placed in storage, it would only be a short trip away!

Storage warehouse.

Make use of your local storage facilities to get more available space at home!

Make smart use of your available storage space!

If you have followed every piece of our advice and still struggle to find enough space to store your items, then here’s a list of other things which you might find helpful:

  • Built-in cabinets: You might consider installing cabinets built directly into your walls! This would create discrete places to store your things so they don’t clutter your rooms and might be ideal for things you do not often make use of, such as seasonal clothes, but still don’t want to leave up in the attic or the basement.
  • Combine different rooms together: It might sound odd, but bundling your rooms together might work! A kitchen and living room, kitchen and dining room, living room and bedroom, or maybe even a nursery room and a guest room are all reasonable combinations that can allow you to set aside a room for your kids or, if you really need it, additional storage! Besides, such combinations can often turn out surprisingly stylish!
  • Use every inch of available space: High shelving reachable by a ladder; Behind or under your bed; Even window sills! Everything can be made use of to provide more storage space! Especially if you are living in a small apartment! There is no reason to hesitate whether to get creative and use the space you do have available in a unique way!

At the end of the day, making full use of your storage space might seem like a daunting task! Still, if you patiently take advantage of everything at your disposal and go over every option, there is no reason why you couldn’t reduce the amount of clutter around your home, get more storage space, and make it an even more comfortable place to live in!