So, you are considering moving to Nevada. It may seem like a great place at first. However, you really have to think twice before actually moving there. If you are here, surely you already have some doubts about it. And we must say, for a good reason. For now, all you need to do is to relax and continue with your reading. When you finish, you will know what you should do and what decision to make. We hope you will find this text helpful.

It is an attractive destination

First, we have to say that the idea of moving to Nevada is completely understandable for it is really an attractive place. Definitely, Las Vegas has to offer a lot of fun and exciting activities. Some of these are camping, rock climbing, skiing, hiking. Also, it has many restaurants with various kinds of food. In addition, the weather there is usually sunny. All of these things can easily attract people from all around the world. But, like with making every other important decision in your life, you have to be careful with this one as well. So, it is best to do your research before relocating to LV.

Las Vegas in Nevada.

Las Vegas is an extremely attractive place for its numerous fun activities.

Avoid moving to Nevada on your own

The second thing we have to emphasize is that you should avoid moving on your own. There are more reasons for that. Here, we will mention the three of them which we find the most important.

Physical injuries

The first reason against relocating by yourself is the risk of physical injuries. Namely, many people tend to get hurt during their moving. This is usually due to lifting large furniture items and heavy boxes. Moreover, most people hurt their backs, which is not at all naive. It can cause problems with back pain later in life. Also, getting hurt during your relocation can also mean having more expenses than you have previously planned. We all know how expensive medical care can be.

Stress is common when moving to Nevada is in question

The second reason against this idea is stress. We are all aware that the amount of stress is heightened when moving is in question. This can cause our immune system to get weaker. Due to that, we can easily become ill, which is something all of us want to avoid. Especially when we have to move to our new property.


The third reason against moving to Nevada on your own is chaos in traffic. If you are not a person who can easily orientate and you have never been to this place before, you should not decide to relocate completely by yourself for you can get lost. If not that, you will certainly spend much more time than needed on your relocation.

Hire a professional moving company

Due to all the reasons which we have stated above, we strongly advise you to hire a professional relocation company. In this way, you will not have to worry about getting hurt or lost. Furthermore, your entire moving process will be much less stressful. Nowadays, it is very easy to find professional movers thanks to the internet. However, you have to have in mind that you cannot just hire the first company you find. Before making a final decision, you should check what services they have to offer. We recommend Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, for they are very reliable and experienced experts in this filed. In addition, when you contact them you will see that the prices for their excellent services are reasonable.

Think of high temperatures before moving to Nevada

One of the reasons you should think twice before moving to Nevada is the climate there. During winter, Nevada can be a great place where people can escape the cold. However, the summer months in Las Vegas can be extremely hot, which is not so good.

Limited jobs

The very important thing that you should know before moving to Nevada is that there are limited job opportunities. This means that many jobs are related to foodservice and restaurants. On the other hand, there are not so many chances to find jobs in other branches, such as education, engineering, healthcare. Also, we have to signify that wages in Las Vegas are lower than in the other parts of the United States of America.

After moving to Nevada you can find a job in a restaurant.

Most residents in Las Vegas work in restaurants.


Not only that there are limited job opportunities, but also the unemployment rate is high in Nevada, which brings us to the next thing, and that is a crime.

Think of crime before moving to Nevada

The crime rate is very high in Las Vegas. Namely, the violent crime rate is among the highest in the country. Also, the danger of stealing vehicles is also among the highest. For these reasons, you should be very careful when it comes to choosing a neighborhood in which you will live with your family. Many people choose a suburban lifestyle which means that they have to use their cars on a daily bases. The reasons for that are both safer neighborhoods and better schools. The residents who choose the urban lifestyle are faced with crime and unemployment, which is really bad.

Crime scene.

The crime rate is high which is why many people change their minds about moving to Nevada

Alcohol and gambling

We are all familiar with the fact that Las Vegas is famous for alcohol and gambling. Unfortunately, these things are not something that only tourists enjoy. Due to the problem of unemployment and other factors as well, the residents can also very easily get tempted to drink or gamble, or both. If it happens that you have a predisposition for one of these vices, we strongly advise you to change your mind about moving to Nevada and pick some other, more peaceful place for your new home.