Like every other parent or future parent, you will be looking for the best place for your family. Chances are that things like safety, affordability, education, and income are among the first things you will want to explore. It is not an easy task to find a perfect place but with enough effort, you can get close to it. If moving to Mississippi with family is something you are considering while searching for a family-friendly place, it’s more than just buying a home. It’s the neighborhood you buy, the economy you dive into, and potential benefits for your kids. So before you make the first step of decluttering your home before the move, explore these key things you need to know.

Things to know before moving to Mississippi with your family

Mississippi is often called The Magnolia State because of many Magnolia trees that grew there. It’s a proud state with a rich history and many hard-working people preserving the true spirit of the South. It’s not urban as some of their neighboring states, however, its small to middle size towns are doing its best to progress in the right direction. If you don’t mind being a part of both sides of the coins, then moving to the land of both rock ‘n’ roll and religion can be your cup of tea. In case you need help with settling yourself down, friendly neighboring professionals from will be more than happy to offer you the assistance.

If you look at the data about crime, education, family-friendly people and amenities, and a number of kids in the local area, some cities stand above others:

  1. Brandon
  2. Madison
  3. Petal
  4. Southaven
  5. Horn Lake
  6. Brookhaven

The weather in Mississippi

Long hot summers and short, calm winters are characteristical for Mississippi humid subtropical climate. Rainfalls are a common thing in this area with occasional thunderstorms and hurricanes in autumn. It’s warmer and more humid as you get closer to Mississippi Sound and toward the southernmost parts of the state where rainfall increases.

A house on the bank of the Mississippi River.

The weather is wonderful here.

Very affordable education

Mississippi has an attractive and very affordable school system. Madison schools which encourage strong mentorship system among seniors and juniors is one of the most progressive systems nationwide. Southaven is the pioneer in the initiative to enlist computers for everyone in each class, at any level. Furthermore, you will find more than a half states’ colleges in Jackson city, making it the student center of the area. Just some of the top-ranking colleges and universities in Mississippi are:

  • University of Mississippi
  • Mississippi State University
  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Mississippi College

Some will argue about the fact if it’s affordability is worth the relocation, considering previous low results on some state-level testings, however, that is changing the last couple of years. If this is good enough for you and your kids then moving here can be a good step. You may need professional help with packing while you are preparing all school documentation so don’t hesitate to call professionals to deal with your stuff.

The economy is oriented toward agriculture

Mississippi is highly oriented to agriculture with somewhere about 30% of people working in this field. Farms are taking over 10 million acres of land due to the fact that it’s the main industry here. It’s a very productive state, producing not only cotton, corn, rice, and soybean, but also a large amount of timber, eggs, fish, and seafood. People of Mississippi are one of the leaders in environmental education winning important rewards for Youth Environmental Education. Another thing is that property taxes in Mississippi are among the lowest in the States. The perfect example of that would be Brandon near Jackson in Rankin County. And, the cost of living here is 15% lower than the national average. The only disadvantage is that the average salary is also low. However, if your deal is agriculture or even tech business in NASA training centers, you have nothing to worry about. Start preparing your children for the move and grab your chance.

 An amazing view of the farming area you will see very often after moving to Mississippi with your family.

Even though agriculture is the major thing in Mississippi, it’s not the only thing.

Recreational spirit and outdoor facilities

Pearl, just a river wide distance from Jackson, hosts the community’s Center City Multiplex, where over 2,000 young residents are very active with sports like baseball, soccer, and softball. In general, Mississippi is not exactly a country for sports fans, but it has its own jewels like this one. On the other side, it’s a sportsman’s paradise when it comes to wild game, and saltwater and freshwater fishing. It’s a slow-paced calm lifestyle that can easily capture your soul and make you wish you can spend every day enjoying nature, and southern hospitality of the region. Considering there are many choices, it’s possible that you won’t find your perfect place from first. Reach out and get your moving assistance in Oxford because locals know the area the best.

People and culture

If you are thinking about moving to Mississippi you should know that food, religion, soul, and music in general, are the major pillars of the culture. You will hardly find more hospitable people anywhere. Especially the southern part of the country. Really quickly you will notice that it is the country shaped by its people for its people. Due to the rich and turbulent history, this mostly rural country is embracing the “Southern charm” and the appreciation for music. You can’t listen to any story about Mississippi without hearing how proud the people are of their King. That’s right, the King of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Not only Elvis, but this country is also the cradle of blues.

A lot of records and speakers surrounding illustration of Elvis.

He will always be “the King”.

Nature is fascinating if you are moving to Mississippi with family

The largest body of water in the state is in Grenada in north-central Mississippi. Grenada Lake is the place where you can enjoy countless outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, jet-skiing, and boating. And that is just an example. There is a heavy forest in the area beyond Mississippi Delta. When the parts closest to the river were cleared the river starts to flood, providing the most beneficial part of the land for agricultural business. Just to mention a few interesting natural wonders for you and your family, especially if you are moving with teenagers:

  • Petrified Forest, Flora
  • Tishomingo State Park, Tishomingo
  • Red Bluff, near Foxworth
  • Clark Creek Natural Area, Woodville
  • The Cypress Preserve, Greenville

And many many other interesting locations are what makes Mississippi so interesting.

Attractions to visit when moving to Mississippi with family

If you are looking for large urban places for your family, the largest cities in Mississippi are:

  • Jackson
  • Hattiesburg
  • Biloxi
  • Gulfport

And a couple of must-see attractions of the country:

  • Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum – nothing without Elvis in Mississippi.
  • Tupelo Automobile Museum – a perfect place for automobile enthusiasts.
  • The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science – the largest museum in the state.
  • Rock and Blues Museum
  • Prairie Arts Festival – music, arts, crafts, cars, cooking, and many other “southern” things.