We are living in modern time where a lot of things are possible. One of those things is taking a virtual home tour. Virtual home tours have been present for a couple of years now. But this has become very popular over the last year because of everything that has been going on in the world. Because of social distancing, a lot of people had to take virtual home tours instead of regular home tours when investing in a home over the last year. This sounds like fun and it is because it is much easier to get this task done. But is it really easier? There are some things a virtual home tour can’t show. And sometimes these things are very important. This is why there are a couple of things you need to consider and know before¬†taking a virtual home tour. And here is where you are able to find and read just that.

Building exterior

Let’s start with the exterior as that is the first thing you are going to see. If buying a house, the exterior of the home will be included. But when buying an apartment, not a lot of people include what the building looks like. And this is a very important piece of information. The apartment itself might look amazing but if the exterior of the building is in bad condition, what’s the point? It isn’t a good idea to invest in such a home. This is why you have to ask for a tour of the building as well when having a virtual home tour. In the same way, you would check on Verified Movers whether movers are reliable you have to check whether the exterior is in good condition.


Exterior is important both when buying a house and an apartment.

An in-person inspection will be necessary

Have in mind that buying a property before having somebody inspect it is a bad idea. There are plenty of small things that could be in bad condition that can cause you a lot of trouble, stress, and expenses after moving into your new home. This is why an in-person inspection is still necessary. There are things a nicely produced video is unable to show. You can hire somebody to inspect the house for you and we find that that is the best way to deal with this task even if having a live home tour.

house key

Inspect the home before buying it.

Ask about the previous owners

One thing that can’t be shown on a video is the smell. The smell of a home is very important. If moving into a home where the owners had previously smoked, you will be able to smell it. The smell gets into the walls and stays there for a long time. This is why asking about the previous owners is necessary and will tell you a lot about the current state of the home. There might be some things you can’t see on the video but you can tell from the information you gather about the previous owners. If buying your first apartment this is very important to do. You don’t want to make your first investment a flop.