One of the biggest steps in everybody’s life is buying a house. That is a huge change and you have to think it through. The hardest part is usually picking the right place for your home. This could be a great opportunity to change something in life, a chance for a new beginning. Pontotoc in Mississippi can be a nice place for something like that. There are many great things to consider when buying a house in Pontotoc.

Place for new beginning

Pontotoc, a small city located in the north part of Mississippi state. This is a perfect place to build a new life. Before making a decision, consult your realtor when buying a house here. The city of Pontotoc has only six thousand residents and that means that you can have all the peace you need. The name of the city in old Chickasaw means “Land of Hanging Grapes”. Chickasaw used to live in this region long before Europeans colonizes the southeast so you can guess that this town has a rich history. The schooling system in the city of Pontotoc is one of the best in the whole state and that means a lot if you are planning to move with your family. The city is lately expanding fast because of the modern highway that intersects the city limits, so the industrial basses are blooming. Maintaining your household shouldn’t be a problem if you reconsider this. You can find some great business opportunities around here.

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Your perfect spot

There are things to consider when buying a house in Pontotoc. This town has a lot to offer. The city of Pontotoc MS offers some great outdoor activities and also many indoor activities. The city center is filled with restaurants and shops. Some of those restaurants are really good. This is the place to experience a small-town atmosphere, but with big-city visions and desires. If you decide that this is the place in which you want to be, contact Professional assistance can make a great change when you are moving.

The city community is filled with activity and it is very friendly. This is important for a healthy and happy life and it can be a serious factor when considering buying a house in Pontotoc.  Among many places that can attract you, we could state out:

  • Howard Stafford Park
  • Trace State Park
  • Pontotoc Country club

Howard Stafford Park

The Howard Stafford Park is home to a small lake that is stocked with bass and catfish. Those are things to consider when buying a house in Pontotoc. This will be a great place to spend time with your friends. Friends can help you move here, and then you can take them fishing. Lake is open for fishing during the whole year so you can enjoy your free time in the best possible way. It is located in the city limits, near highway nine on the south. Lake is a great place for camping with your friend and family, and camping slots are located around one side of the lake. On this camping, slots are placed Pavilions and picnic tables that offer easy camping. For the celebration of July 4th, skies over the park are lit with a firework. Park is a great place to ease your mind in silence and relaxation.

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Trace State Park

Trace State Park has a lot of cabins that are for rent and RV and camper hook-ups and many primitive camping spots. When buying a house in Pontotoc have in mind that you don’t even have to be tied to one place. This place offers a chance to be on the move. It is located on highway six east. The best thing about the park is the huge trails for walking and hiking. Besides these, you can enjoy boating or fishing. Park woods possess a well-prepared trail for motoring, biking, and horse riding. It is great for outdoor activity and healthy wellbeing. A well-known fact is that walking in the forest has a calming effect on people. What a great place to have some outdoor activities with your friends and family and a place for some new expectations.

Pontotoc Country Club

The Pontotoc County Club is one of the state’s best and finest 18-hole golf courses. The club is well organized and equipped like it is the best one in the world. Golf carts are available to all visitors, even to none golf players. The Pontotoc County Club is located near highway six east. Club beside golf course offer for its members swimming pools and tennis courts. Many tournaments are held from spring to fall, more precisely from April through September. Besides the great chance to learn how to play this amazing sport, you will have a chance to meet new people. This will attract people from all around, so if you are considering buying a house in Pontotoc, have that in mind.

Gain new skills

Small and private

Living in this sized city is a good way to live. Besides many activities, the city is booming with new workplaces and offers jobs. The price of living in the city of Pontotoc is lower than the state median so it is a great choice if you are planning to start a new life. Monthly salary income is a bit above the state median so this is a good place to live even from the financial side of calculations. The city of Pontotoc is a small one and the fact that confirms that is that it only has three neighbors: City Center, Thaxton/Toccopola, and Chiwapa/Troy. Local movers know the best places and the best ways to move in here. Have in mind that teams from the area can help.

Choose your neighborhood

Thaxton is located north of the city center and Chiwapa to the south. Both side neighborhoods are on the bank of the forest and that offers some calamity and cleaner air. This is a thing to consider when buying a house in Pontotoc. The city center is highly populated and reserved for work offices, restaurants, and small shops. The City library which dates from the 19th century is located in the center of the city. Both other neighborhoods are lesser populated and offer great houses for buying or renting. If you possess a car you will be five minutes away from the city center so it is better to live on the bank of the city. Another important thing to consider is to avoid buying a house near the highway. Even the modern highways have sound isolation, it is always better to avoid living next to them.

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Changing your life and finding a new location to start all over again does not have to be stressful if you have Pontotoc on your mind. This town has so much to offer and you can find so many things to consider when buying a house in Pontotoc. Be guided by the fact that you need to provide yourself with a life that you will enjoy.