When you’re moving a hot tub to a new home or another spot in the yard, one thing’s for sure, it won’t be easy. It is one of the most difficult things to relocate because of the extraordinary weight and overwhelming size. Plus, a hot tub is a substantial investment. It costs between $3,500 and $8,000. So, the results of a failed hot tub moving attempt is not something you want.  But, with this ultimate guide to moving a hot tub, you can do it.

The ultimate guide to moving a hot tub – What to know before moving

Before you start using this ultimate guide to moving a hot tub, there are a few important things to know. They may help you make the right decisions when that moment comes along.

  • Hot tubs are huge. 
  • Hot tubs are heavy. This makes them a real challenge to move from one place to another. A standard hot tub can weigh about 800-900 pounds without water in it. 
  • Hot tubs are expensive. 

When learning how to organize your moving, keep in mind the dimensions, weight, and cost of your hot tub. Pick the safest way to relocate it to another home with no damage to it and a zero chance of personal injuries during the move too. So, weigh up your options and choose wisely.

If you follow the ultimate guide to moving a hot tub, you can relocate it successfully.

Evaluate hot tub moving options

When it comes to moving a hot tub to another place, you have 3 options:

  • Leave the hot tub behind – At the beginning, you may not be too thrilled about this option. But, when you realize how much money and time you’ll need to move a hot tub, you may conclude that it’ll be better to leave it behind. You can even try to sell your current one and buy another one after the move is over. Especially if you’re relocating long-distance. Like when you’re moving from Florida to the East Coast.
  • Hire professional hot tub movers – This is the best way to move a hot tub. These movers have the necessary equipment so the job will be done quickly and safely. Their experience is a guarantee that your hot tub will reach the new house without any signs of damage. 
  • Move the hot tub on your own – When you have a limited budget, you may not be able to afford to pay professionals to get the job done. So, the viable option for you is to move your hot tub on your own. You can do it, just follow this ultimate guide to moving a hot tub. 

Reserve moving truck

If you don’t know the exact size of your hot tub, measure the dimensions of it. You want to rent a moving truck that will be large enough to fit the enormous item. Usually, you’ll be fine getting at least a 15 ft. moving truck. According to U-Haul, their 15 ft. moving truck measures 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ inside. So, make sure you measure a hot tub before renting a truck to ensure that it will fit inside the rental. Also, when renting a moving truck, ensure that it has a loading ramp. That will make the loading job easier and safer. 

 The ultimate guide to moving a hot tub – Gather proper moving equipment

If you want to successfully move a hot tub without professionals, you need moving tools and supplies. So, gather moving straps, two furniture dollies, various large plywood pieces, and cleaning supplies. You can get a moving dolly from Amazon or a reputable local moving company. 

Recruit reliable helpers

Moving a hot tub to a new house is not a job for a single person. There are many benefits you get when hiring a professional mover, but if you choose not to use their services, you need a few strong friends to complete the task. So, ask at least three extra people to help you with the heavy lifting. However, if it’s possible, get together a friendly moving team of around six people to minimize the chance of any accidents.

Team Work - The ultimate guide to moving a hot tub

Ask your friends to help you move the hot tub.

Inspect the exit path

You must walk along the planned exit path of the hot tub. Make sure there are no obstacles or hazardous areas along the way. Carefully estimate the surroundings and act accordingly. 

Disconnect the hot tub

Before moving a hot tub, unplug it from its electrical outlet. Then, coil the power cord. But, make sure you put cords in waterproof baggies. This way you’ll prevent them from getting wet during the moving process. 

The ultimate guide to moving a hot tub – Drain the hot tub

The next step is to drain a hot tub because you can’t move it if you have water in it. But, this is not as easy and straightforward as draining your bathtub. So, to do it properly, follow the instructions of the hot tub manufacturer. Usually, you’ll need to access the side panel, then shut off the water supply.

Clean and dry out the hot tub

Before moving, you must know how to drain and clean a hot tub. For this task, you can use either a special manufacturer-recommended cleaner or an all-purpose cleaning product. Work with a soft material to avoid damage to its surface. Then, wash well and dry off any remaining water with bath towels. 

Put plywood pieces and slide furniture dollies under the hot tub

Plywood pieces will help create a smooth, flat surface for moving the hot tub. Also, it will make it easier to roll the furniture dollies underneath the spa. Then, slide a furniture dolly under the front section of the hot tub. Next, secure it with straps or rope. After that, slide the other moving dolly at the back part of the tub and secure it again. This way you’ll ensure that the massive structure of the hot tub doesn’t slip off the dollies. This is a crucial step. So, do it slowly and check twice.

Moving Truck

Carefully load a hot tub in the moving truck.

Roll and load the hot tub to the truck

Once you secure the hot tub with the dollies, carefully roll it towards the moving truck. Then, when you reach the truck, you’ll need to push the hot tub up the loading ramp. Have one person in front, for guidance, and the rest at the back to provide enough forward momentum.