No matter which city in Florida you are going to choose for a living, be sure that you will not make a mistake. Florida is known as a paradise state. There is no income tax, the cost of living is affordable, beautiful beaches, a lot of events which you can visit, etc. But, if you are looking for a peaceful and small city, you should definitely think about moving to Sarasota. Located on the southwestern coast, this city can be really suitable for you. However, like every city, there are both the pros and cons of moving and living to it.

The pros of moving to Sarasota

Before we present to you how to organize your relocation to Sarasota, you need to know some facts about this city:

  • A lot of housing opportunities which you can find in Sarasota.- If you are moving to Sarasota with your family, you will find a lot of real estates which you can buy and start living in one of them.
  • There are a lot of cultural events – During the whole year, you can find and visit different cultural events.
  • High-quality health care – Speaking about health care, there is no worry. Sarasota is known for good medical workers.
  • There is no state income tax. – One of the good things is that Florida does not charge a state income tax.
  • It is a small place and an ideal one for raising a family. – With a population of just 55,000 people, Sarasota is truly a small place. However, do not forget that there are benefits of moving to a small city.
  • There are education options.- Despite having a small population, in Sarasota, you can find almost 90 public and private schools.
a black and white picture of a street in Sarasota
With a population of over 55,000 people, Sarasota is a peaceful city.

What about the cons of moving to Sarasota?

  • Rental costs are high in Sarasota – If you are going to live in Sarasota, a good option is to make a deal and buy your house instead of renting. The costs of renting can be really high.
  • The weather can be dangerous – Although it is sunny during almost the whole year, there are still days where hurricanes and tropical storms are happening.
  • Housing costs are rapidly changing in Sarasota – In the case that you want to live on the coast of Sarasota, the prices of housing can be really expensive. Also, they are changing really quickly.

You can see that even if you have a list of the cons, it is a smaller list. Living in Sarasota can be a really great opportunity and you should definitely use it if you have a chance. If you have decided that it is your future place, you just need to choose the right moving service in Florida and start preparing for your relocation!

a cartoon drawing of some coins and cash
Speaking about the cons, rental costs can be really high.

Since there are a lot of moving companies, do research first

Florida is known for the huge number of moving companies. Since you are moving to Sarasota, be sure that you will find a suitable option for you. The best way to find a company for you is to have several options and then compare moving quotes. In other words, you need to see which company you can hire for the budget you have. For this type of research, you need to take your time and choose wisely your option.

Look for long-distance movers when moving to Sarasota

If you are relocating to Sarasota from another city or another state, it means that you need to make a long-distance move. In other words, you should look for movers who are experts for this type of relocation. Since we are talking about moving companies in Florida, do not worry. Be sure that you have a lot of options. Again, the trick is to do good research and look for an affordable moving company. So, you should find long distance movers based in Sarasota and contact them. Ask about the price and see what types of services they can provide you with.

What types of moving services do you need to have?

Defining the types of services you need to have for your relocation is also an important thing. Keep in mind that relocating your belongings is not the only service your movers can offer you. Some companies like Best Cross Country Movers have residential moving, commercial moving, packing and storage services. If you need other services to use, you have a lot of options.

Sarasota is a good place to retire

In the case that you are a senior and you are looking for a place in which you will spend your retirement days, relocating to Sarasota is definitely an option for you! According to some statistics, this city is rated as the number one place in the USA for retirement. We have mentioned no state income tax, good prices of buying a house, high-quality health care, etc. All these things can be enough for you to think to move to this city if you are a senior.

an elderly couple having a walk
Sarasota is a great place for retirement!

In Sarasota, you can find a stable job market

Although it is a small city, finding a job in Sarasota is not a hard thing to do. The unemployment rate is only 3.8 %. Top jobs in Sarasota are medicine, education, retail, trades, and professional services. So, if you are qualified for some of these jobs, you do not have to worry about finding a job in Sarasota. On the other hand, you can always start your own business in this city.

If you are thinking about moving to Sarasota, do not think twice!

In the end, you can see that moving to Sarasota is a great opportunity. Despite a few cons of moving to this city, a list of the pros is a way bigger. You can have a good education, find a lot of job opportunities, there is no state income tax and many other things we have mentioned. To conclude, we can say that living in Sarasota is paradise. So, if you have an opportunity to relocate to this city, do not think twice. Use your chance!