New Jersey is a state that has something for everyone. Among ‘everyone’ there are families who want to live in this wonderful state. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best cities and places in New Jersey for families. The list we are going to provide to you has no real order. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and wishes, and we are just going to mention some of the best places in NJ for families. So, what are some of the most family places in New Jersey? Let’s see…

Lakewood township

The most populous township in Ocean County, Lakewood township is among the best places in New Jersey for families. Lakewood is also among the fastest-growing and complex communities in this state. It is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community, and people there are very welcoming, otherwise, it wouldn’t be growing as fast.

The demographics of Lakewood is complex. While there is a sizeable Orthodox Jewish community, there is a noticeably large Hispanic and black population. There are a lot of synagogues, old black churches, and catholic churches. Moreover, there is a building boom in Lakewood, since it is a more affordable and attractive place for families than nearby Brooklyn, especially areas like Flatbush.

Girl thinking about places in New Jersey.

“Hmmm, what are the best places in New Jersey for me and my mom and dad?”

So, if you plan on living somewhere in the state of New Jersey, we wholeheartedly recommend Lakewood township. It is a cheap alternative to Brooklyn, and it can give your children a fantastic education. Lakewood has various options for you when it comes to moving. You can move to it from whenever you wish in the US, and this is why choosing the right moving company to do the job is so important.


Mahwah is among the most interesting Northern New Jersy places for families. It is located in Bergen County, and it is the most populous place in the same county. What makes it so popular with families is that it has more open space than any other place in Bergen County. It is a fantastic place for outdoor activities and for a healthy lifestyle you can cultivate with your family. The Ramapo Valley County Reservation and Campgaw Mountain Ski Area are among the most popular places in Mahwah for families that like to hiking and enjoy outdoor activities.

Hiking with family.

If you like to go hiking with your family, then Mahwah is one of the best places in New Jersey for you and your family.

Also, it is a safe community with a very low crime rate, making it a safe place for families with children. On top of that, median home prices are lower than in neighboring communities, but it has a fantastic education for its price, consistently ranking in the top 50 school districts in the state. Also, the prices of moving to Mahwah are pretty low, especially if you find a good moving company online.


Ridgewood, yet another Northern New Jersey community in Bergen County, with a population of 25 thousand people. This town is located only 15 miles from New York City, which means that it has a perfect location if you like to visit NYC often. And who doesn’t like having one of the world’s biggest cities next-door, while keeping the quiet of a small and safe city?

But if you don’t feel like traveling to New York, Ridgewood can offer you a vibrant downtown feeling in one of its areas with top-class restaurants and shopping opportunities. However, getting to The Big Apple is not that difficult. Many people from Ridgewood work in New York City, and most of them use public transportation which can take them in no more than three-quarters of an hour to The City.

We strongly recommend moving to Ridgewood with your family, but you might be worried about the expenses. This is why planning expenses with some help is crucial, especially if you plan on doing a long-distance relocation to Ridgewood. Your best and easiest option is to do some moving calculations online with the help of an online moving calculator. But moving expenses tend to vary depending on what kind of deal you make with the company. This is why getting some professional help about moving quotas and moving, in general, is recommendable.


Summit is another Northern New Jersey community located in Union County. It has roughly the same population as Mahwah of around 22 thousand inhabitants. It is indeed a perfect mid-sized town for families with children. Children pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade are usually educated by Summit Public Schools, which contains nine schools and over 4,000 students. For a small community that is a large number.

Summit has a thriving arts scene since it was home to The Summit Opera House. Also, Summit offers a large choice of outdoor activities, which include the Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Briant Park, and the Watchung Reservation. So if you are an active family that wants to offer quite good education to its children and live in a mid-sized town in New Jersey, we strongly recommend moving to Summit this year even if you are moving long-distance.

Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is even closer to New York City than Ridgewood, being one of its suburbs. It is located in Essex County and it has so much to offer. In this suburb, most families own their homes, and it provides its citizens with a dense suburban feel.

NY City.

Getting to NYC shouldn’t be a problem.

There are a lot of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. Other than that, Upper Montclair offers a fantastic education with top-level schools for your children. With a population of just over 11 thousand people, it is a wonderful and safe suburb that can offer much. Also, it is located in New York so you’ll have access to everything New York has to offer.

It is quite easy to get from New York to Upper Montclair with your family, even with a newborn. If you plan to get away from the loud, expensive, and hectic atmosphere of NYC, but still want to enjoy all the benefits of The Big Apple, we strongly recommend moving to Upper Montclair with your loved ones.

 Mountain Lakes

People seem to really enjoy Mountain Lakes, especially if they want to transition from a more urban atmosphere to a more of a rural atmosphere. And why wouldn’t they? Mountain Lakes, located in Morris County is definitely one of the best places to live in New Jersy. With a population of only 42 hundred people, it has surprisingly so much to offer to families.

Mountain Lakes has highly rated schools, while it offers that rural atmosphere while being a suburb of New York. It is a very safe suburb with very low crime rates. Unfortunately, it is not that diverse, but it compensates it with everything else.

This was the list of the most family-friendly places in New Jersey, we hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!