The time has come for you and your family to move. Whether you’re moving to or within NYC, you will want to research the best areas where your family can thrive. New York being such a large city, there are many neighborhoods to choose from, so the process might seem a bit daunting. After all, there are many factors to take into consideration when making a move. Moving costs and choosing the right moving company only make the whole affair more complicated. However, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve made a list of the best NYC neighborhoods that will fit the needs of you and your family the most!

A photo of New York. It has some of the best neighborhoods for families to move to.

The Big Apple offers many great areas for families with children!


One of the favorite places to move to in NYC for families must be Williamsburg. It is simply great for kids, offering many play spaces for them to enjoy. It also boasts beautiful parks like Domino Park and McCarren Park. These offer a great outdoor space you can take your kids to and enjoy a wonderful day out together. There’s also something for the parents too.  Generally known as hip and diverse, you will be sure to find lots of great places to unwind during your free time. Sounds good? Feel free to start preparing your move, because you can’t go wrong with Williamsburg!


The area north of Madison Square Park, colloquially known as Nomad, is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods you could move to with your family. You really shouldn’t think twice before contacting Nomad based moving professionals and arranging your move here. Being located in the middle of Madison Square North Historic district means that the whole area looks amazing! The transportation options are also great. You can enjoy its midtown vibe, while still minimizing your commute time. This also means that the neighborhood is quiet as it is removed from the hustle of the rest of the city. Finally, you can easily access the Madison Square Park from here, to spend some quality time outdoors. It’s no wonder that NoMad is considered one of the best NYC neighborhoods to move to.


This cozy Bronx community has everything a family needs. First off it has the best schools in NYC. then there’s the Riverdale Park, giving you a great place for family activities.  Have we mentioned RiverFest? This wonderful event is where you can take your children to see boats and even take them for a ride. If you enjoy yoga, Riverdale is also a great choice for you. And for a night out in town, you can count on finding great live performances in the area. Also, you can take your kids to the Bronx Zoo or maybe enjoy some time in the New York Botanical Garden. Judging from all this, it is clear why it is considered one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families.


Located at the northernmost side of Manhattan Island, Inwood is a quiet, family friendly neighborhood.  Boasting the incredible Inwood Hill Park means there’s a plethora of activities your family can enjoy if you decide to call Inwood your new home. You could go for a barbecue or hit the athletic field of the park. There’s also a marina here if you enjoy spending your time on the waterfront. Additionally, being far away from the main business hub, Inwood is one of the more affordable areas of Manhattan. Another great thing about Inwood is that it offers some excellent schools for your children, both public and private.

Manhattan street with buildings on both sides

Manhattan Island offers some of the best NYC neighborhoods for families!

Battery City Park

Now, here’s a great place for you to move with your family. It is close to the business of Manhattans work districts, but still secluded enough to make it very enjoyable for families. It is also the home of PS 276, which is considered as one of the best public schools of New York. It’s not short on green space either. Places like Battery Park and West Thames Park are great for enjoying a sunny day. They also include awesome running tracks for the athletic types. One final thing to mention about this lovely area is that it offers a stunning view of Lady Liberty!

Upper East Side

This is another great neighborhood of Manhattan for families. If you decide to move to Upper East Side you can count on you and your family enjoying some of the best areas New York has to offer. The proximity of Central Park can make it your kids’ go-to playground. It is also the home of some of the best museums in the US, that can be found on the Museum Mile. This, coupled with great schools in the area means your children can receive a great education in their own neighborhood. Have we mentioned how peaceful and lush it is? Truly, the whole area is just great.  After all, it has been the home of many prominent families from New York, like the Kennedys and Carnegies.

Benches in Central Park

Central Park – a great place to spend your time outdoors.

Park Slope

A neighborhood such as Park Slope might as well be a synonym for family-friendliness. First off, the area is very diverse and community-oriented. Park Slope Mom’s network offers a great place to get informed on various activities your children can enjoy. Then there’s the Prospect Park, housing the zoo and a boathouse. Apart from this outdoor space, Park Slope has a wide variety of play spaces for your children, even a playground with water activities! You and your family might also enjoy the Brooklyn Musem or the Brooklyn Public Library. All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you choose to move to Park Slope with your family.

Fort Greene

How could we summarize Fort Greene? Streets lined with trees, gorgeous old architecture and traffic peaceful enough you can rest easy with your kids playing outside. All this explains why more and more families are moving to the area. Yet, it still remains more-or-less undiscovered, making it very affordable. The school district of the neighborhood is great too. Here you will find the Brooklyn Technical High school, for which the area is famous. Fort Greene is also popular with the younger crowd. This means it offers great options for a night out for the young parents.


This is the go-to neighborhood for families looking to move to Queens. Take your kids to Socrates sculpture park to enjoy this open space filled with sculptures from various artists. The same area is also widely known for its many free family events.  If the day is hot you can also enjoy a dip in Astoria Park’s public pool. While there you can take them to see the Museum of the Moving Images. It also houses a Beer garden for you to relax. There are just so many activities to choose from in Astoria! There’s really not much to ponder on, get a good moving company and head straight for Astoria!

Washington Heights

Playgrounds, basketball courts, and family events. These are all present in Washington Heights. But there’s also something special. A unique gem of this area – The Met Cloisters. This branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art presents items from medieval western history. Were talking knights armors and beautiful medieval tapestries. Located in the Fort Tryon Park, it also boasts a beautiful view of the Hudson River. It even looks like a castle! All in all this amazing place seems like it came straight from a fairy tale. What’s there for your children not to like!

You are choosing one of the best NYC neighborhoods

Now that we’ve gone over this list, have you prepared to make the choice. Whether by the distance to work or amenities on offer,  when picking from this list you can be sure you’re choosing one the best NYC neighborhoods. Just plan your move well and picture your new life with your family in one of these areas. You will surely enjoy it!