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World map, learn about expanding your NYC-based business overseas

Pros and cons of expanding your NYC-based business overseas

New York City has one of the healthiest economies in the USA. If you want to open a successful company, there is no better place than NYC. By making it there, you can make it anywhere. Since you already have a successful business in the Big Apple, you want to grow it overseas. But before you commit, you need to know what to expect. East Coast Haul will tell you about the pros and cons of expanding your NYC-based business overseas.

A flag of Bahrain.

Top tips for exporting goods from NYC to Bahrain

If you have in mind exporting goods from NYC to Bahrain, then you are just n the right place. Here, you can find very useful tips and certain steps you can follow in order to finish the whole process successfully. You will soon realize that this is not as complicated as it may seem at first and that there are certain ways that can make the whole thing less stressful.

Giving a key

Realtor’s guide to buying a house in Issaquah remotely

There are many types of investment in life. The first thing you usually think about, when we mention investment, is money but also you can enter a plea your emotion. The biggest changes are happening when you invest those resources. This is the case, for example, when buying your house. In the situations like this, you don’t want to fail or make a wrong decision. You need to harmonize many things when making a choice. Finding a great location, like Issaquah for example, is usually the first step and with it, you will start your journey. If you have no experience it is best to rely on professionals. The smartest choice you can make is to follow a realtor’s guide to buying a house in Issaquah remotely.

The most important step

This city in the King County in Washington has a lot to offer. It is located near Seattle so it is obvious that moving here will allow you to have the peace that you need and, also, you can experience the metropolitan vibe. Issaquah has a warm Mediterranean climate which makes it even more attractive. Local attractions are numerous so it is no surprise if you are buying a house in Issaquah. When making such a decision, if you’re not from nearby, it is best to rely on professionals for everything. The real estate agent can help you to find a perfect place and for moving you can find trustworthy professionals in the neighborhood. It is important for those two to cooperate in order to make your relocation a lot easier.

House model
It is easy to buy it when you have a help

Pay attention to details

When hiring a real estate agent for buying a house in Issaquah it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Find the person that understand you
  • Think about your needs
  • Take care of your budget

After you solve this puzzle moving will be a piece of cake with a little help from Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage. If you make a good deal with them your belongings will be packed, loaded, transported, and unpacked in the best way possible.

They are not the same

Everyone has a different approach even if they are doing the same job. When buying a house in Issaquah remotely you need to find a person you can trust. Your real estate agent must understand your vision in order to find the best option for you. To check them, ask them the right questions. It is not always easy to find the right person but once you do, all the effort will pay off.

You need a vision

The easiest way to buy a house in Issaquah is to know what you want and what you need. Have a clear idea in your mind. There are many beautiful cities in Washington and that is why you need to know the right reason to move to Issaquah. When you are confident and sure about your choice, every obstacle is easier to cross. Your agent needs to know what are you looking for. This way they will be able to find the exact location.

The hardest part

When buying a house in Issaquah remotely, your real estate agent must have an insight into your financial situation. This is important because they need to find that fine line between your wishes and your financial possibilities. When you have the right person you can be sure that they will do their best to find a solution, regardless of the conditions.

Counting money
Be extra careful

The most important thing when buying a house in Issaquah remotely is trust. Having the right person to watch your back and to find a solution for every obstacle is the most important thing.

Office space - To extend your business, learn why should your next branch office be in New Jersey.

Why should your next branch office be in New Jersey

If you want to expand your services to another market, NJ might a great choice to make that happen! This outstanding state will offer lots of benefits to business owners that will help you succeed in no time. Anyway, to learn more about this, you might want to keep reading this article. Here, you will discover why should your next branch office be in New Jersey!

A family of 3.

Young family’s guide to the best Alexandria neighborhoods

Alexandria is a city in Virginia and it has a population of almost 160,000. Having a family is a big responsibility and choosing a place where to live with your kids is a big deal. Explore best Alexandria neighborhoods and know what this city has to offer to young families. Moving with a family is not simple and easy, especially if you are having young kids. So, you need to take care of that too.

A moving truck on a highway, as one of the ways to handle a small move

Ways to handle a small move

Moving is a big deal, and there’s no lying about it. But, does this mean that a small move is a small deal? Not really, because, even a small move can get complicated. But here are a couple of ways to handle a small move that can help you throughout this process.

Small move

It’s hard to say what a small move is, so let’s first say what it’s not. If you’re moving your home with several rooms to a place that is not nearby, you’re definitely dealing with a regular or a big move. But, here’s are a couple of examples of a small move:

  • moving a one-room apartment
  • moving only a room, for example, relocating your home gym only
  • if you’re moving just down the street
  • moving only specialty items, like piano, or a pool table
  • moving for college
  • other similar kinds of a small move

Ways to handle a small move

There are several ways to handle a small move. You can either do it by yourself or hire movers to do it for you. And both of these have several options.

A truck.

Renting a truck is one of the ways to handle your small move

Hiring a moving company specialized in small moves

A DIY move might be harder than you think, especially if you expect your small move to be super easy. So, if you hire a company that specializes in small moves, you will have someone to share your burden with.

DIY move

If all the items that you need to move can fit in one carload or two then this is the best option for you. First of all, it’s not expensive. Also, you will have full control over this whole process, as you won’t have to get other companies and vehicles involved. So, if something happens that changes your moving schedule, this way, it won’t be a problem.

DIY move with a rental vehicle

Instead of using your own vehicle, you can rent a truck or a trailer. This is the way to handle your move if you have any larger items or you need to move multiple rooms all at once. It’s less flexible then if you’re using only your own vehicle and there are expenses involved. But, on the plus side, this way might is more convenient in some circumstances.

Shipping larger items separately

There’s always an option to ship your items separately. Maybe it’s a piano, a car, a large piece of furniture… You can find a good company to help you ship your item to the desired location.

A hand playing a piano.

You can ship your piano separately

Stay focused

You might choose one of these ways, or combine these ways to handle a small move. Either way, you need to stay focused throughout the process. A small move is not that hard, but it’s not too easy, as well. So, be careful in order to avoid some of the typical moving mistakes. So, keep in mind that focus and attention during this process will prevent potential negative consequences.

Man carrying a box and thinking about questions to ask his interstate movers.

6 questions to ask your interstate movers before the move

Relocating to a new home requires making several choices in a short period of time. The to-do list will quickly become daunting, from picking the best supplies to deciding on the best moving day. The most critical moving decision is also the most difficult: selecting the best moving company. You can search for reputable moving companies online, or you can ask your friends that have moved. But don’t forget to get properly informed before you hire! These are the 6 questions to ask your interstate movers before the move.

The questions to ask your interstate movers

1. Are they properly licensed and verified?

Do not forget to ask about the moving company’s licensing. The US Department of Transportation must give a license number to all professional interstate moving companies. This will make sure that you avoid scammers and thieves. If your selected company can’t or won’t provide their license number, search for reputable moving teams on, that way you will be sure to avoid any scams.

Two people and a child preparing for a move
Be sure to get properly informed before your move.

2. What kind of liability insurance does your company offer?

Before turning over your possessions, double-check if they are insured in case of a mishap during the relocation. This will make your move more economical. If you’re moving across town or across the country, your professional moving company should offer you a variety of liability compensation options. Interstate movers are required to provide you with two types of insurance:

  • Released Value Protection
  • Full Value Protection

But you always have the opinion to get insurance from third-party providers. But always be sure to check all of your paperwork to make sure you are not covered already.

3. Check the reviews and ask for references

Request references before entrusting your possessions to a moving company. As asked, a representative from the moving company should be able to supply you with all of the details you need.

4. Are their quotes binding, or if they have a maximum price limit?

Make sure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when it comes to your bill. Most moving companies have binding estimates, which ensures that the approximate cost of your transfer will vary based on actual costs. This may be beneficial or detrimental and certainly one of the questions to ask your interstate movers before you close the deal.

Two people making a list of questions to ask your interstate movers.
Be sure to get your possessions insured.

Moreover, you can end up costing more than the initial budget if your transfer takes more man-hours or is heavier than expected. On the other hand, if you don’t, you could get lucky and pay less. Be sure to compare the quotes of different companies.

5. How long will the move take?

It is a very important factor in your relocation process. Moreover, it can be crucial if you are in a time crunch. Knowing the estimated time of your move will be useful for planning and to set your mind at ease.

6. Are they pet friendly?

If you have pets it is very important, if not you don’t have to worry about this. Moving your pets can be very complicated but some companies can provide you with pet moving services. If you don’t want to move your pet yourself this is one of the questions to ask your interstate movers.

Looking for movers in newspaper.

Risks of looking for movers in newspapers

There are many ways in which you can search from movers. In the old days, moving companies were found in newspapers. Those were legit businesses that had no other way to promote their business other than newspapers and a word of mouth. Today the situation is different. This is the age of the internet, and most businesses are being promoted online. That means that there are risks of looking for movers in newspapers.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Finding reliable movers in Park Slope, NYC and surrounding areas

Are you moving soon to Park Slope or moving from Park Slope, NYC? How to make your relocation stressless and fast? The answer is – by finding reliable movers in Park Slope. But, how to be sure you are hiring a good and trustworthy mover? NYC is a big city with many different moving and storage companies. Park Slope is part of Brooklyn, located in the northwest. Neighborhoods that are near are Gowanus, Red Hook, Prospect Heights, South Slope, Boerum Hill, Windsor Terrace. All of them are very popular. It is easy to get lost and confused. Even if you are not moving for the first time, hiring a moving company can be very stressful. After all, it is a big responsibility. Your items will be in their hands.