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Leaving Mississippi for the East Coast: why to choose Florida

Leaving Mississippi for the East Coast: why to choose Florida

Mississippi is an amazing state to live in. A lot of people move to Mississippi every year. But a lot of people leave Mississippi as well. These are usually young people looking for better job opportunities or a different lifestyle. No matter what your reason for leaving Mississippi is, there are plenty of reasons to choose Florida. Florida is one of the best states to live in, we would say. There are plenty of things that make living here amazing. And if you are still uncertain of where you will be moving to but you are certain that you will be leaving Mississippi for the East Coast, here is where you can read some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Florida. No matter your age, Florida is a great state for anyone. Here is where everyone is able to find the perfect city, neighborhood, home, school, or anything else.

It is a coastal state

Both Mississippi and Florida are coastal states. If you are used to living by the sea, moving to Florida is the best thing to do. Florida is a state where a lot of tourists come to over the year. This means that Florida has invested a lot in order to make coastal towns and cities look nice and have good beaches as well as to offer everything that tourists and locals might need. This is why a lot of families are moving to Florida. And if you are already thinking about doing the same, your relocation process can be made easy by hiring guys from

coastal Florida homes.
Move to one of many coastal Florida towns.

Plenty of towns to choose from

One of the best things about leaving Mississippi for the East Coast and moving to Florida is the fact that Florida is a state with dozens of cities that you can choose from. Each city has everything you need for a good family life. Things such as good schools, amazing weather, plenty of restaurants, a lot of beautiful parks where you can spend time with your family, and plenty of other things that you need to have in your surroundings in order to live a nice family life.

If moving with a family, it is important for you to hire experts who can ease the process of moving interstate. Since it is a complex process, having some professional assistance is not a bad idea at all. There are plenty of moving companies out there but you have to make sure that you choose the right one.

Florida city.
You have to do a lot of research on towns in Florida to consider moving to.

Affordable housing

One of the things Florida and Mississippi have in common is the fact that they are both very affordable states. At least it is so when it comes to real estate. There are dozens of both coastal and inland towns that offer amazing housing for not a big price tag. This is a very important factor for people who are moving from Mississippi since not a lot of people are able to afford overly expensive housing. This is why Florida is the perfect state for buying a second home.

A girl playing a guitar outside

Reasons for moving to Tennessee

So, you are wondering if you should move to Tennessee? We are here to give you some reasons for moving to Tennessee. Tennessee has everything – great schools, many recreational opportunities, and a thriving job market. Also, Tennessee is a state full of water, and water is life, as they say. It has very good weather, and many people go there just to experience calm and nice weather. Also, it has the Great Smoky Mountains, and a baseball club named after them – Tennessee Smokies. Here, we are going to present to you some reasons or moving to Tennessee. So, without further ado, let’s begin our exploration of Tennessee.

Skylines in night could be a place where you should look when buying a luxury condo in Miami

Buying a Luxury Condo in Miami – a step by step guide

Buying a luxury condo in Miami could be difficult for everybody. As a matter of fact, buying of the house is one of the major changes and challenges in life. Not only that you buy a new home for you, but you also change the place of living. However, when is luxury condos is about, buying is even more difficult.

  • If you do not live in Miami, buying a luxury condo in Miami means a preparation in accordance with international buying conditions and legislation – on the other hand, you can always ask for foreign national mortgage program;
  • Luxury condo, although very attractive, presumes much higher price;
  • Before any buying you should research the market thoroughly, but also your future home, including neighbor, location, specific conditions;
  • Do not forget that every state has its own tax issues;
  • Along with all the above, there are common problems with buying in the real estate industry, like mortgage, bank loans, and tax relieves.

However, buying a luxury condo in Miami could also be a very pleasant and exciting experience. With well preparation and following of professional guide, it will finish successfully for everybody.

Miami Beach
Miami is a very attractive place for living

Preparation for buying a luxury condo in Miami

Do not start with any type of buying before you have done detailed research. It is very important to make a preparation that both sides are satisfied. On the other hand, you should protect your nerves from unexpected and unwanted troubles.

Set up final goals

Make sure that you are honest about future plans about your luxury condo. It is for sure that you should know up front what you will do with the condo you are buying. Are you planning to live there? Is that only an investment for your children? All of these questions help you to make the best financial plan for buying a luxury condo in Miami. Make sure that you have picked the right kind of moving assistance, too.

Make thorough research

You should know how your future condo looks like. However, the photo of the house does not precisely define the look of your future life there. You should know the neighbor, location and possible problems with the community and foreigners. However, you can always ask professionals like Verified Movers for advice.

Check door and windows resistant

You know that Florida is known to hurricanes. That is why you should prepare your future place for living in those conditions. Many new houses and condos have special protection from hurricanes. On the other hand, it could cost more.

Make sure that you have needed comfort

In case you have chosen a luxury condo to buy, you have full right to demand even the smallest details in order to make it comfortable. For that reason, check in your future condo things like balconies or a great view. It also increases the price, though.

Set financial goals

Like in any other buying, buying a luxury condo in Miami needs a large amount of money. Before you even start with planning, you should calculate how much money you have for this transaction. Include all possible expenses and costs. Also, do not forget about moving costs and furniture changes.

Palm trees
You will be very pleased with the nature in Miami.

Make a precise financial plan

Before you even start with buying a luxury condo in Miami, you should know how much money you will need. It includes small costs and unexpected costs, too. Also, check in the bank for a loan and all possible types of mortgages that you can apply for. Check out some simple ways to save money when moving.

Chose good realtor

A good realtor is very important for this type of buying. Do not forget that you are foreigner. You do not know legislation, but also small conditions that affect the price of the luxury condo that you want to buy. All of that could resolve a good real estate agent. Do not hesitate to ask him for help or advice.

Consider buying a condo in construction

It is needed 18-24 months to finish building. It means that you will wait for a while for your new luxury condo. On the other hand, buying in construction brings many advantages. You will be able to choose a position of the condo, great view and watch finalization of the process. Prices are also lower. You will be able to apply for a favorable loan, although in most of the cases with deposit included.

Enjoy the panorama after buying a luxury condo in Miami.
This view could be from your future luxury condo in Miami.

Make an offer to the seller

The next step is an offer that you will make for condo seller. It means that you offer the highest amount of money that you can pay. Seller and its real estate agent will consider your offer and provide an answer. Sometimes they could increase the price, but with better condition.

Consider location prices

As we said, people usually forget on all possible prices and costs. Some of them are very important for your future condo. Those include parking, driving costs or tax. For long distance moves in Florida, you always should prepare more money.

Documentation that you should prepare for buying a luxury condo in Miami

Whatever type of buying is, you should know that you will need proper documentation for it. Especially when international buying is about. Do not forget that there is very strong legislation about bank loan for foreigners. Luckily, Florida has simple rules about house buying.

Inspection period

It would be great if you can simply come into your new flat and bring furniture with you. In real life buying a luxury condo in Miami is not that simple. You will need to wait for inspection. Usually, it organizes a homeowner association. They prepare documentation, too.


Finally, your future condo is almost yours. There are a few steps that you should make before putting a sing in a contract. A real estate agent which mediated in the whole process usually organizes closing. This step does not presume only exchanging the keys. You can leave a few more questions for this day or final agreement about conditions. However, this is not a time for major changes. When you finalized all conditions, buying a luxury condo in Miami is finished.