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Canada flag, read about our packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa

Simple packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa

Relocation should not always be challenging but exciting because you are moving to a new place. New experiences, friends, or a better-paying job await you there. But you can not even think about that because you are worried about the most demanding task of any relocation – packingEast Coast Haul has Simple packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa. If you follow them, the conveyance of your stuff to Ottawa will not be a problem. 

Archive is where storing important documents is best

Useful tips for storing important documents

When you have a lot of paperwork it is easy to get overwhelmed with it. That way when you need specific paperwork you will not be able to find it. For example, you need your birth certificate but you do not know where you put it and all the rest paperwork is making things only worse. You need to go one by one and declutter the paperwork you do not need. This will help you out in the future. You can keep your contract while you negotiate remodeling with your landlord to avoid any problems. We will give you some useful tips for storing important documents.

A pink stove.

How to safely move a stove?

Are you moving a kitchen to a new home? Part of every kitchen is a stove. But, a stove is big and heavy – so, how to move it easily, safely, and without any damages. Damages to a stove and a floor too. Having a guide will help you to safely move a stove.

A plastic wrap.

Practical uses of plastic wrap for moving

How to pack like a pro and to protect your items when moving? Can plastic wrap help? What are the uses of plastic wrap for moving and is it enough to transport your belongings safely to a new home? Be prepared for moving and the first step is to collect all the packing supplies you will need. Most people think about moving boxes, but you must have something to wrap your items.

The USA passport for US customs procedures and crossing the border.

Complete guide for US customs procedures

If you need to import or export items to/from the USA, the first thing to know and to research is US customs procedures. Also, if you are moving to the USA or if you are leaving the USA for another country, knowing how to transport items and what items you can transport is a must. Getting a visa and all permissions are long processes. You can save time and money with the right info.

If you are owning a business and need to ship goods worldwide, one of the most important things is to have a good team and to know the rules and regulations.

How to pack for an urgent local move.

How to pack for an urgent local move

Ok, so you don’t have much time. Things have happened, plans were made, and you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to move urgently. So, what do you do? Do you sit down in a corner and start sobbing? Do you pray to ancient Greek deity Chronos to turn back time? Or should Cher have a go at it? None of those things! What you need to do is get your nerves together, make a cup of coffee and learn how to pack for an urgent local move.