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How to declutter your attic space

Attics can be practical storage places in most homes. They are great for things we don’t have room for but are interested in keeping. But, in most cases, attics soon become sort of an organizational nightmare. First, we tend to pile everything we want to dispose of but don’t know how in the attic. An attic can very quickly become an overcrowded disaster area. It gets filled with junk, its disorganized and simply put a mess. So, now that we have lost control of that great space how to regain it? How to declutter your attic space easy and quick?

Plates and lamps sorted properly for organizing a garage sale.

Handy tips for organizing a garage sale

Annual spring cleaning, or decluttering before moving, are very good reasons to organize a garage sale. Not only you will ditch a bunch of unnecessary items but you might earn some extra money. However, sorting out the collection of your items and organizing the event is not an easy task. Fortunately, there is a couple of handy tips for organizing a garage sale that can make the entire event enjoyable.