Congratulations on your new baby! This must be an exciting time for you! However, you have to overcome many obstacles when raising a baby, and one of them is – where in the world should I put my nursery? Well, you can combine it with a guest room. This can be quite handy. But, we guess you are unsure of how to do this. Don’t worry, we are here to help! This is why we present you with several smart ways for combining your guest room and nursery. So, let’s not lose any precious time and let us jump straight into the subject matter!

First of all, you have to put the nursery first

After you have finished moving with your kids, it is time to turn your attention to the nursery. Even if you have guests often, you should put your baby’s needs before your guest’s needs. Don’t worry, you won’t come out as uncultured, it is the right way. Both the nursery and guest room should be cozy places in your home. But, the primary function of the room should be to meet the baby’s and parent’s needs.

Happy baby.

Let’s begin!


You should start with the crib. The crib is essential, but this is just the beginning. After getting the crib, you have several options. For example. will you repurpose the top of the dresser into a changing table? Or are you going to get a changing table and a dresser? This depends on your wishes and the space of the room.

If your nursery acts as a baby’s bedroom,  make sure to have room for diapers, clothes, similar. After that, you can focus on the rest of the room.

Consider getting Murphy bed

Murphy bed is an awesome contraption that doesn’t at all have connections with Murphy’s law. We can all be grateful for that. This kind of bed is a simple contraption that folds right out of the wall.

Getting one of those is a great way to save space in your guest room, especially if you have just moved into your new apartment. This bad has many advantages, but it only has one downside. They can be quite expensive. But they are great space savers. Everything has a trade-off.

Saving space is a must when combining a guest room and a nursery

When you have to combine a guest room and a nursery, saving space is a must. Getting a Murphy bed is one way of doing things, but there are other options. For example, you can get a bed with a high frame or risers. If you are going to use your guest room as a nursery you can raise the bed and create a space for storage under the bed.

Combining your guest room and nursery requires a crib for baby.

You have to have enough space under your baby’s crib if you plan on combining your guest room and nursery.

The cheaper way is to get bed raisers and put them on all corners of the bed. That is going to leave you with a lot of room under the bed.