If you are thinking about moving after you retiree, Florida is the perfect moving destination. If you do not already know, a very large number of retired people live in Florida and a lot more are yet to move there. This is because there are a lot of small towns in Florida made for retirees to live in. When you add the fact that Florida has a nice warm climate and it is a coastal state with lots of beautiful cities on the coast, moving to Florida begins to sound even better. But as there are so many good options, it can be a difficult task to make the final decision on just where in Florida you will be moving to after you retire. If you are struggling with picking a place in Florida to call your new home, we are here to help. Here is where you can read all you wanted to know about small towns in Florida favorite among retirees.


Let us start with certainly one of the most beautiful areas you can live in as a retiree. Surfside is located in Miami Dade County, just above Miami Beach. Here is where you have an amazing view of the Miami Beach skyline. This is just one of the things that add to the beauty of this place. Surfside is perfect for retirees for many reasons. It is a coastal town and it has lots of beaches. As it is mostly a residential area, the beaches are used by the locals. And you will be thrilled to find out that just around 8,000 people live in the town. This is why the beaches are clean and peaceful. No wonder the city is one of the top 5 places in Florida for retirees.

Miami Beach skyline.

There are plenty of things making moving to Surfside as a senior a good idea.

This is one of the towns where a lot of retired people live but so do families with children. This makes the town very safe. Living somewhere where you feel safe and you know are safe is very important, especially when you are older. Another good thing about moving to Surfside is being able to live in a beautiful beach house. But there are lots of apartment buildings here as well if that is what you prefer. No matter what type of home you are moving into, you can ask reliable neighbors to help with the relocation process and moving into your Surfside home.

The only thing that might break the deal for many is the fact that this is not an affordable area to live in. The average home price in Surfside is around $650,000. But renting a home is a more affordable option and there are plenty of homes for rent.


On the same coast but located more on the North of Florida is Plantation and it is another one of the small towns in Florida that retirees love. Plantation is not a coastal town but it is relatively close to the coast which means that you can go to the beach easily. The closest best beaches to Plantation are located in Fort Lauderdale which is another beautiful place to live in but it isn’t a small one. But Plantation is. And it is one of the small towns where mostly retired people live. It has been adjusted for retirees in many ways which is what makes it one of the best destinations for retirees in Florida to live in.

Golf course in Florida.

There are lots of beautiful parks and golf courses in this area.

There are plenty of activities that you can do here as a retiree. Plenty of beautiful golf courses are located in this area. The flora here is beautiful and very tropical. There are many parks in the town and these parks are also places where you could spend your free time doing many different things. You will love the beautiful walking districts in Plantation as well.

The most important thing to mention is that you will truly have all you need to live peacefully after moving here. There are some amazing medical centers here which for a lot of retirees is one of the reasons why they move to Plantation. Not only will you fall in love with this place but so will your children and grandchildren after visiting which will certainly make them want to visit more often. If you are thinking about relocating to Plantation, you can hire the best Florida movers promoversmiami.com to make relocation safer and easier.


If living by the sea is not a crucial thing for you, then Clermont is definitely an option to have in mind. This is a city located near Orlando. It is a small city but a lot of people live here because of just how amazing the city is. Living in Clermont means being able to access everything you might need. There are lots of golf courses and parks here as well.

Lake and palms.

The nature in this area is unimaginably beautiful.

The town is surrounded by lakes which means that cooling down during the summer months is going to be easy. Not only is the town surrounded by lakes but there are lots of them within the town itself making the air very humid throughout the year. But it will not take you long to get adjusted to this type of weather. The only people we would not recommend moving here is people who have respiratory issues. Breathing humid air can be difficult for some. But this is certainly something to check with your doctor.

There are plenty of things to do in the city as well. Lots of amazing restaurants and coffee places for you to explore and try new things. Another reason why you might want to relocate to Clermont is if you were thinking about starting a small business. This would be a perfect place.