Relocation should not always be challenging but exciting because you are moving to a new place. New experiences, friends, or a better-paying job await you there. But you can not even think about that because you are worried about the most demanding task of any relocation – packingEast Coast Haul has Simple packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa. If you follow them, the conveyance of your stuff to Ottawa will not be a problem. 

Make an inventory for your upcoming move to Ottawa 

Our first tip for making your packing more manageable is to have an inventory. Always create a list of your household items whenever organizing a move. We recommend using your phone’s note-taking application to make your notes. Use a mobile phone because there is no way you are misplacing it, unlike a piece of paper or notebook. 

person holding a white phone
Using a phone is among our packing tips for your move to Ottawa because you can take pictures of your items.

The most organized way to make a list of your items is to go by room and write everything down. As you write down all of your belongings, decide what items you want to bring to Ottawa, this will help with your next trip. A benefit of an inventory is that when you hire movers like, they will know if they forgot any of your items. 

Packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa suggest you declutter first

The second tip is to declutter your home before relocating to Ottawa. If you follow our advice when making a list of your items, you only need to look at them and see what items you want to discard. Gather them, and you can sell them, donate or give them away to your friends and family. Discarding unwanted items will lower the cost of your move to Ottawa. 

You can not move to Ottawa without good moving supplies 

When the decluttering is complete, look for reliable moving supplies to protect your items until they reach Ottawa. Since you have less stuff, you will spend less money on moving supplies. These are the bare minimum materials you should have:

  • Different sized cardboard boxes or plastic boxes;
  • Wrapping materials, bubble wrap, packing paper;
  • Tape. 

There are plenty of places where you can get moving supplies. The problem is how much you need. If you want to get the exact amount of moving supplies, get movers to help you. 

Packing for Ottawa 

Finally, we get to get to the actual packing. Here are the steps you should take to ensure your stuff survives the transportation to Ottawa: 

  • First, a packing tip for your move to Ottawa is to line your boxes with wrapping material;
  • Second, put the heavy items first in the box to prevent them from tipping over;
  • Finally, label all your boxes for easier unpacking in Ottawa. 

couple packing
Unpacking will be easier in Ottawa if you label all of your boxes.

When you complete your packing, you can count on neighbors’ help – local Ottawa movers, to move you into your new place. 

You are ready to move to Ottawa

With our simple packing tips for your upcoming move to Ottawa, you can relax and think about what awaits you in the new city. There’s no need to be afraid, though. We’re sure you’ll settle in just fine before you know it!