One of the most exciting moments in life is, for sure, the moments of moving. They represent a long-needed call for change. When the time comes, you will be excited about doing it but be papered for tiredness. Usually, this is a big task, with so many small details included, and once you start it, you cannot stop it. When it becomes overwhelming have in mind that you can easily find some help. Movers are the people in our surroundings who can make this part of our life a lot easier. When you see how much they can help you, even they are paid for their job, you should always reconsider the question, should you and how much tip your movers?

The right way

It is in human nature to move. We can do that for several reasons and usually, the mean one is to search for a better life. Our quest is not always successful and you may face the fact that you have to move again. You will not be able to do this all by yourself every time. Always think about hiring the movers. They will help you to:

  • Pack your things right and in the safe way
  • To load your cargo
  • Transport your belongings safely
  • Unload and unpack your stuff it at the designated destination

At first glance, this looks like a simple job. When you realize that their job is to take care of your precious items and some of them may be the expensive ones, fragile, unique, you will come to the conclusion that probably you should tip your movers.

They have a difficult job

The real price

Moving services are not much expensive, and considering this, movers as individuals cannot be paid some high paychecks. If you think about the enormous help they can give to you and about the job they are going to do, setting aside a little more money for this will seem like a logical thing. If the service is good, tipping these people is the right thing to do.

How much are we going to tip the movers is once again based on their service.  There are several factors you should pay attention to. Observe if they are polite, how efficient was the moving service, did you come to an agreement fast and easy?  If they are real professionals and you are satisfied with their service, some general rule is to tip moves three to four dollars per hour. You also may come to a flat price which is around five percent of the total cost.

Besides tipping you can be polite and help your movers. Offer them coffee or a bottle of cold water or some soda and prepare some food or snacks for the crew. A bit of politeness goes a long way.

The other way

There are some situations when you do not need to tip you, movers. Those occasions are rare but they may occur and you can prevent them by doing your research about them. It may happen that sometimes they show up late so they mess with your own plans, delivering unprofessional service and ding some of your new fresh walls. They may pack your things in the wrong way, make unnecessary breaks so the moving process takes a lot more time than expected. If only one of these occurs you can still tip them but with the reduced amount, every next of these occurrences reduce the tip given to movers. In some extraordinary cases, you may even ask for a refund from the company if any of these happen.

Broken glass
Prevent any troubles

In the end, have in mind that you will cooperate with people. If you are able, tip your movers. It can mean a lot to them and to you. Those people will take care of your belongings so it is for the best to do as much as you can for them.