There are many ways in which you can search from movers. In the old days, moving companies were found in newspapers. Those were legit businesses that had no other way to promote their business other than newspapers and a word of mouth. Today the situation is different. This is the age of the internet, and most businesses are being promoted online. That means that there are risks of looking for movers in newspapers.

Questionable finances of a moving company

Usually, companies choose the internet to promote their business. You have to be more financially stable to promote your work through the internet. If a moving company is promoting their work through a newspaper, that means that they are not financially stable. That means one of two things. Either the company in question is new, and it cannot afford to promote itself online, or that means that the company is a scam. Scams have smaller finances since they usually exist for a shorter time. That means that they are not in a situation to be paying for a full-time internet space.

Looking for movers.

If you’re looking for movers in newspapers, there is a chance that they are a scam.

Their target group are retirees

Younger generations are more exposed to a constant flow of information. This is the new revolution of humankind, and older people are not so good with the internet. This is why many moving companies that are scams use newspapers as a means of propaganda. Also, let’s be honest here. Although older people are known for their wisdom and their life experience, some retirees can be senile. And this is their target group. Many scams prey on the older generations, and they hope that they are going to take advantage of them. This is why it is quite dangerous to look for movers in newspapers.

Looking for movers online? Is it any better?

If a ‘moving company’ is offering its business in the printed press, that doesn’t mean at all that they are not promoting their company elsewhere. Usually, the internet is a good place to start. Many moving companies who offer their ‘services’ through newspapers offer their services online too. However, there are many more moving companies that are legit, and who operate under the rule of law online. That doesn’t mean that there are no moving companies that are scams online. That just means that there is a larger number of reliable moving companies online.

Online is superior.

You can do it all with just a few touches.

If you have found reliable movers online, there is a chance that you’re going to lose their contact

No one carries a notebook and a pen with themselves anymore today. And in the old days, people had a notebook with themselves, or in their home at all times. That meant that they could’ve easily written the number of a moving company. Today, the situation is different. You can just go online, and find their contact with the press of a button. It is like looking for a job! Also, you cannot get quotes for your moving costs in the newspaper.

Good luck!