Europe is becoming more popular with people from the US. North Carolinians are not the exception. Europe has many beautiful countries, each with its own characteristics. However, dreaming about moving to Europe is one thing, and relocating from Noth Carolina to Europe is entirely another thing. You have to organize your relocation to pack like a pro. How can you do that and what do you need to know about moving to Europe, you are going to find out in the rest of our guide! Let’s begin!

Organizing the move is key to a successful relocation.

It is almost impossible to move across the ocean without proper planning and preparation. Before you do anything, it is essential to organize your move well. Interstate relocation can be troublesome enough without proper preparation, but just think about just how difficult an intercontinental move be. Our friends from say that a good organization is a key to a successful relocation.

Paper and pens.

If you want to pack like a pro for Europe, you have to organize your moving and packing first.

So, grab a paper and a pen, and start writing. The first thing you have to do is to have an inventory of your stuff. That way, you’ll have an idea of what items you want to move. You shouldn’t relocate everything you own. So, make sure you have experts by your side when it comes to international moving. Your cost will be higher than expected. Moving companies calculate the cost of the relocation by measuring the weight of the baggage. We recommend choosing what you want to move to Europe with great care.

Box of essentials

Also, it would be good to make a list of essential items. This is a list of stuff you should have for the first night in your new home before you unpack. Maybe you can even bring some food with you. Many people tend to forget to do that, so make sure not to forget your box of essentials.

With that information, you can calculate the expected cost of your relocation. Add moving cost, insurance cost, and the cost of getting packing supplies.

Baggage with clothes.

Before you unpack, having a box of essentials is essential.

When it comes to packing supplies

The intercontinental move requires some serious packing. But before you start packing, you need to get your hands on some packing materials, obviously. However, getting packing supplies is usually not that hard. You can get most of them in the supermarket in your vicinity. Here are some packing supplies you can acquiree easily:

  • packing tape
  • boxes and plastic bins
  • sticky tape
  • sticky notes
  • and maybe some kind of protective material, like plastic beans

Tha act of packing

Packing differs depending on what you are packing and for how long the trip is going to last. Since you’ll be moving to Europe, packing has to be exceptional. Usually, we would recommend hiring professional packers, but if you have the time and energy, you can pack on your own.