Thinking about relocating? It’s time to change something, why not the environment? You’ve looked online and read about the most beautiful towns in NJ. And you came upon Short Hills. Naturally, you became curious. Is it that good? Does it fit your needs? Whether you’re already living in NJ or planning to move here, we made a list of reasons to move to Short Hills, NJ. So let’s start.

Life is Short

People always aim for the best. So why not move to Short Hills? It is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing communities in NJ. Located in the township of Milburn, it’s a popular town for people working in New York. Don’t let its sparse suburban feel and population of slightly over 13,000 fool you. It’s got everything that the big cities have to offer, and even at a lower price. Mall, shops, cafes, restaurants, nightlife. A little something for everybody. Life is short. So why not live it to its fullest in Short Hills?

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Relocating challenges

Moving is always a big step and takes a lot of your time and energy. Especially if you’re coming from another state. Long-distance moving can be challenging in a lot of ways, not just packing. Constant worrying about your things getting safely to your destination is exhausting. The best thing is to find experts who will help you transport everything to your new home. That way, your move will become more of a road trip, and you can enjoy every minute of your drive to your new home.

Reasons to move to Short Hills, NJ

Organizing a move is not as easy as, for example, organizing a garage sale. It requires a lot more time and preparing. But when the city is right for you, you can do it with a smile. So here is a list of reasons to move to Short Hills, that will help you overcome all the stress of the move:

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Different cuisines will keep you coming back for more

Vibrant downtowns

Yup! It’s not a mistake. Short Hills features two little downtowns of its own. One is filled with basics – pizza place, dry cleaners, bars, etc – and the other, which is a few blocks away, has some of the best workout studios in the area, as well as cafes and restaurants to sit down and relax. It is every gourmet’s dream – from sushi to Italian, tex-mex and modern American cuisine. A little bit of everything.

High rated schools

Public schools are located within the Milburn area and cater to children from kindergarten to grade 5 levels. And, they are constantly ranked within the top 10 in the state. The top three public schools are Hartshorn school, Deerfield, and Glenwood school. If that doesn’t suit your or your child’s needs, there are also a few private schools that offer after-school care: Montessori school, ABC nursery school, and the Montessori Children Academy. This is yet another plus, especially if you’re planning on raising kids in this town.

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The town’s schools are high rated

Proximity to NYC

The commute is also one of the brighter sides of this town. It is close to the railroad that can easily take you to Hoboken, and after that, New York. That’s why a lot of people choose to live in Short Hills and work in NYC. The railroad also means more parking spaces. And, you’re only 45 minutes away from Manhattan, 25 minutes from New Jersey, an hour and a half from Philadelphia, and an hour drive from Long Island. So it’s a great city if you need to work in the Big Apple, but still want to live in suburbs.

Job and house opportunities

Because of its proximity to the big cities, you can easily find a job. Short Hill has been described as the wealthiest town in the United States, with an unemployment rate of less than 3%. Around 70% of its residents earn above $150,000 per year. Sounds promising, right? Not to forget to say that 90% of its residents own their houses. Older houses and newer construction, you name it, it’s got it. One more of the reasons to move to Short Hills.


We’ve already mentioned the railroad, but there are other types of transportation you can use to get to other cities. For example, you can go by bus, personal car, waterway, and air. And you can still get to your destination as quickly as by the railroad.

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Make time for shopping!

The Mall

If you want it, they have it. The. Mall. It is considered to be one of the best malls in the state, and not by accident. There are 150 different stores, from Cartier, Channel, and Gucci, to Gap and Forever21. There are also numerous restaurants within the mall, and ample parking space area, which, and everybody can agree, means a lot.

Greenwood Gardens

Besides the mall, it is the biggest attraction in Short Hills. It is one of 16 garden preservation projects in the United States. It features 28 acres of landscape, wildflower meadows, water gardens, and stone houses. It’s a great place to spend the day or the weekend with your friends, or with your family and kids.

Not sure if you’ll manage? Not a problem

If you made up your mind after going through our list and decided to move to Short Hills, then choosing the right local movers is the next step. Finding a new home and moving in can be somewhat difficult. Why not make it easier for yourself and hire assistance to settle in stress-free? Get in touch with professionals, and you will relocate as simple as 1-2-3. Whether it’s just two or three boxes or the whole house, they’ll handle it the best way possible.

It’s time for a Short break

Why not stop your fast style of life, and move somewhere quieter, like Short Hills? After reading our reasons to move to Short Hills and finding the right moving company to help you out, everything will seem so much easier. And one day, you’ll find all of your doubts about moving hill-areas.