New York City has one of the healthiest economies in the USA. If you want to open a successful company, there is no better place than NYC. By making it there, you can make it anywhere. Since you already have a successful business in the Big Apple, you want to grow it overseas. But before you commit, you need to know what to expect. East Coast Haul will tell you about the pros and cons of expanding your NYC-based business overseas.

The benefits of expanding your NYC-based business overseas 

Any business move will have its pluses and drawbacks. We will first talk about the benefits of growing your Big Apple company overseas. 

Chances to hire new employees 

The first benefit of expanding your NYC-based is the chance to hire from a local workforce. Opening another branch of your company in a new country will be very challenging. If you want to make the transition easier, you should hire regional talent. There are two benefits of hiring local employees: 

  • First, they can tell you how to tackle the new business market and succeed. New York City’s business market will not be similar to one in a foreign country like London;
  • Second, you will be ahead of your competition because you will have the chance to hire the best employees. 

So if you want your company to get ahead fast, get overseas with the help of top-rated East Coast moving companies

Enter a new business market by expanding your NYC-based business abroad

By extending your company internationally, you will increase your customer base. With more customers, profits are bound to improve. In addition, it opens doors to expand to other counties. For example, if you open a company in France, you will get the chance to work with other European countries. Expand your business overseas with the help of corporate movers because professionals can ensure success and no loss of business. They will move your business and your employees to a new country hassle-free. 

You will have less competition 

Everybody knows that the New York business market is very competitive, and those who succeed are hard-working companies with unique ideas. Since you made it to New York City, you will not struggle to be successful in a new country. In addition, you will have the edge over the local business because you are a new company. 

white placement stairs with numbers 1,2 and 4
By expanding your NYC-based business overseas, you will not have to fight for the first spot.

You will have a lower chance of failure by expanding your NYC-based business overseas 

The fourth reason to get your Big Apple company overseas is to lower the possibility of failure. When you have a business in one business market, you only have to rely on it. NYC’s business market is volatile, and you never know what will make your business go bankrupt. By having a company overseas, you do not have to rely on one business marker lowering the chances of going bankrupt. If one branch of your business fails, you can always put all the effort into the other. 

The negatives of expanding your NYC-based business overseas 

The positives of an international expansion can seem very tempting, but you have to be careful. Before you go there with the help of or any other moving company, you need to learn about the cons. 

The language barrier can be a big hurdle 

The first negative of opening a branch overseas is the language barrier. All the benefits of an international business can go to water if you can not communicate: 

  • When looking for employees, it can be hard to communicate and lead you to hire an incompetent worker; 
  • It can get hard to work with other businesses that do not speak English;
  • Finally, you will have a hard time selling your product or services. 

So if you want to grow a business on foreign soil, look for countries or cities with a large English-speaking population. But if you can not find a good place with many English speakers, find employees in NYC that speak the language. 

man yelling at the phone
If you can not communicate, it can make doing business impossible.

Getting the license to do business 

When business owners get their first taste of success, they want to capitalize on it as soon as possible. They start planning their next business move. And when it’s time to execute, they arrive at a big problem – the business license. Depending on the country you want to do business in, the process might be challenging or easy. Since this is a broad topic that can not be covered in one article, we recommend doing individual research. 

Time zones are a negative of expanding your NYC-based 

The third con of opening another branch of your NYC company overseas is time zones. Having two companies is already difficult to run. But with time zones, it gets even more challenging. You will be working at a completely different time, making coordination really difficult. If you want to surprise this negative you will have to find someone to manage your overseas branch. You can promote one of the employees back in New York City or look to hire someone locally. We talked about the benefits of employing local employees. 

person holding a little white clock
With companies in different time zones, you will have to work extra hard to cooperate.

Doing business in a new market 

One of the biggest cons of opening an international branch is the unknown business market. You might do everything right and open a business in Paris. But when the company starts running, there might not be any demand for what you are selling. And as soon as you open your company you can say goodbye to it.

Decide if the risk of overseas expansion out way the benefits 

There are many pros and cons of expanding your NYC-based business overseas. If you decide to do it, conduct thorough market research and for any moving questions about your company, contact us.