Relocation is difficult, stressful, exciting, emotional, all at the same time. Many people feel depressed when moving, and after moving they feel nostalgic. But, it is not impossible to overcome relocation depression. For some people, it is easy, to others it may be a little bit harder, depending on your depression level.

The first step is to recognize your depression and after that, you should start with overcoming it. Symptoms of relocation depression are:

  • Lack of interests
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Low energy level
  • Low concentration
  • Feeling worthless or feeling guilt
  • No desire to socialize

These are some of the common symptoms of depression after moving to a new home. Especially if you moved to a different city alone. It is harder to be alone and to don’t know anyone in your new environment. Keep in mind that sadness and depression are not the same.

Girl feeling alone.

You can find it difficult to overcome relocation depression even if you have a bunch of people around you

Overcome relocation depression with those tips

If you need to find a new job after moving, your depression level or anxiety may be higher because of all that stress. Also, if you left all your friends and family, you should prepare.

  • Exercise every day or every second day – it is good for your physical and mental health. It is one of the best ways to overcome relocation depression. Go to the gym and you will meet someone new.
  • You may have difficulties with making friends after moving but it is essential. Humans are social beings and we need friends. Go with new co-workers on a drink or diner after work, meet neighbors, etc.
  • Say yes to new experiences, especially if you moved to another state (or overseas).
  • Explore a new city, visit museums, galleries, try different food, etc. Make a plan for every weekend where to go and what to visit. Fear of the unknown will disappear when you explore a new place.
  • Eat healthier food and cut back on alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a depressant, so it will just make your situation worse. Food also has a big impact on your brain.
  • If you are sleeping too much (which is one of the symptoms of depression), try getting less sleep. It will be difficult but keep yourself busy all day.
  • Plan your trip back home to visit old friends and family. After a couple of months, you will want to see them, and if you have a new job, you must organize your time in advance.
  • Invite new friends (and neighbors) to your new home and throw a party. After a while, you will meet a couple of great people, so hang out with them.
Depressed dog.

Dogs can be also sad and depressed when changing home

Be strong and prepare yourself

Don’t expect easy relocation. Prepare yourself for a hard time. Don’t focus only on your packing. Even your pets can feel depressed after moving and you should help them overcome relocation depression too. Good luck with your move and with adjusting after moving.