If you have in mind relocating to one of the suburban areas in New Jersey with your whole family, then you are just in the right place. Here, in this article, you will era something more about the nicest locations that you can choose for your family life.


The first place in our list is Ridgewood, where public schools are rated pretty highly. Importantly, it is an excellent suburb for families and housing is good. importantly, Ridgewood in New Jersey is a diverse and safe place where you can move with your loved ones. If you relocate there but later find a better house, you can very easily move locally during the pandemic if you organize in the right way.

Ridgewood in New Jersey has to offer very good educational opportunities for your kids.

Hire true professionals when moving long-distance

When relocating long-distance with your family to one of the suburbs in New Jersey, we strongly advise you to join forces with professionals. Hiring a professional moving team will make your long-distance move to New Jersey safe, easy, simple, and stress-free. All you need to do is contact more than one company and compare their services, prices and see if the people are nice enough. Since your move is long-distance, you would want to be surrounded by positive energy. Hiring people who are negative and rude towards their clients can never be a good idea.

Mountain Lakes

In the second place, we have Mountain Lakes that also has very good schools and teachers. The great thing is that this New Jersey suburb has even better housing options than the previous one. Moreover, it is very safe and ideal for people who want to start a family there. All the young people who started business in New Jersey and moved to this suburb are very satisfied with the kind of life they are currently living.

Choose your moving team wisely when relocating to one of the areas in New Jersey

Importantly, you need to choose your moving experts wisely when moving long-distance to one of the suburbs in New Jersey. Always keep in mind long-distance type of relocation can be very stressful and complicated if you do not do everything in the right way. Therefore, you have to do thorough research and read the reviews before you hire one of many companies that are offering the services you are looking for. For example, you can check out Ample Moving New Jersey and see if they are the right movers for you and your family.

Upper Montclair

The third suburb of New Jersey that can be a good choice for your fresh start is Upper Montclair. This place has excellent schools, many nice coffee shops ideal for relaxing, and restaurants with delicious food here you go out to dinners with your loved ones. In addition, Upper Montclair in New Jersey is well-known for very nice parks where you can walk your dog or spend a fun time with your children after school and work. Furthermore, housing is very good in this suburb and you can decorate your new home even better for the holiday season.

Upper Montclair is one of very good suburban areas in New Jersey.
Upper Montclair in New Jersey has amazing parks where you can walk your dogs and play with your kids.

New Providence is one of the nicest suburban areas in New Jersey

The fourth location in New Jersey where you can move to is New Providence. Relocating long-distance here will not be a waste of time because this suburb has to offer an excellent life. It is a very safe place in New Jersey where many couples with kids choose to move to. Schools are great and there are very nice places in New Providence where you can spend your free time having fun. Importantly, New Providence is a diverse suburb which makes it possible to meet new people from different cultures. This is always a positive thing because you can easily make new friends and have very interesting conversations.

A restaurant.
New Providence in New Jersey has many nice locations for spending your free time with your closest people.

Short Hills

The fifth suburban area in New Jersey that we highly recommend is Short Hills. This location can be an excellent new home for people with kids. It has to offer more than good educational opportunities and it is a pretty diverse place. Definitely, Short Hills is a suburb that can make your life much better than before. Therefore, it is worth all the planning and organizing your long-distance relocation to get to this place.

Glen Rock is among the best suburban areas in New Jersey

The sixth location on our list is Glen Rock. This suburb in New Jersey has everything: great schools, high safety levels, good housing options, and exciting nightlife. Interestingly, many people who live in this place are conservative. So, if you want to bring up your children in this type of environment you should not waste your time anymore. Start organizing your long-distance moving process and start a new life as soon as possible.


Finally, to conclude, this article contains some of the best suburban areas in New Jersey. Ridgewood, Mountain Lakes, and Upper Montclair all have excellent educational opportunities and are good for people with kids. Moreover, New Providence, Short Hills, and Glen Rock have great housing options and nice locations where you can spend your free time. No matter which suburb you choose in the end, it will be a very good decision for your whole family. Importantly, do not forget to start looking for your moving experts on time because a long-distance relocation is not so simple as it may seem to you at first.