Trenton is located on the banks off the Delaware River and is the State Capital of New Jersey. With a population of 84,000, it represents the 10th largest municipality in the state. Trenton has a diverse population with people of Asian, Latino, African, Italian and Jewish descent. So if you are open-minded and like exploring and learning about new cultures, moving to Trenton might be a good choice. Before you move to Trenton you might want to learn a couple of things about the city. Then, you might even decide to move on short notice.

Be patient in traffic

As the capital, Trenton is the home to lots of government offices. That means rush hour traffic can be a bit frustrating. If you are easily irritated, you might want to avoid being on the road between 7-9a.m. and 5-6 p.m. if you can.

Moreover, Trenton is located at the intersection of a number of highways, which makes it really accessible. If you don’t like long rides to the airport, you will love Trenton, because The Trenton Mercer Airport is just minutes from downtown.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to drive your car because you can’t find a parking spot, you won’t have to worry when you move to Trenton. It has the most affordable and available parking, even at the weekends. Trenton offers an hour of free parking at the Liberty Commons Parking Facility to attract more visitors.

traffic jam which sometimes makes moving to Trenton unattractive
Get used to traffic jams

Enjoy all four seasons after moving to Trenton

Trenton is a four-season city. The winters are very cold and summers are warm and humid. Throughout the year, the temperature typically goes from 25°F to 86°F. The best time of the year in Trenton is from mid-June to early July and from August to late September.

Hot season lasts for about 3.5 months with average daily temperatures above 77°F. You can spend this time on warm-weather activities like picnics and hikes. The cold season lasts a bit shorter, for around 3.2 months with the average daily temperatures below 49°F.

Check out hospitals before moving to Trenton

If you plan on moving to Trenton it is good to know what their medical centers offer. Trenton hospitals are equipped with the HIP (Health Information Exchange) software. It can electronically share personal health information between the doctor and patient. That makes it easier to find reports about injuries, allergies, illnesses, and test results. This software has a lot of benefits. Some of them are related to emergency treatment when medical staff should know some of the information about you like illness, allergies, medications you are taking and so on. But you get the point, all the information is easily accessible which makes your treatment even more efficient.

Of course, there are risks when you choose to share your data with the health provider. Even though those kinds of software have great security, there is always a possibility of data leakage.

an expert at the laboratory
Hospitals offer new technologies for a better treatment

Choose a good moving company when moving to Trenton

In this era of computers and connectivity, you think it is easy to find any information and you are right. But the quality of the information is what is actually important. Yes, you can Google “best moving companies” and you will find a ton of moving companies. But will you hand over your most valuable things to any moving company? Here are some handy tips on what to look for when you need to find professional moving assistance in Trenton.

a cartoon drawing of a person loading boxes onto a truck
Experienced movers will help you move efficiently


Experience is one of the most valuable things to look at when searching for a moving company.  It shows their ability to deliver your items safely each time. If they are longer in business, they must have been doing something right. There are even those who offer considerable help if you are moving with your pet as well.


If you are moving from state to state, then you should be looking for a company that has a US DOT number. It represents a unique license number which you should always validate.


You can’t always trust the reviews on the website of a moving company. They can always filter the bad ones out. What you can do is do a little bit of digging on the internet to find the most honest reviews by the people who hired them before. Some of the sites you can use are Yelp and TrustLink. There you can find people’s experiences with the company. Based on that you can decide whether you want to hire or stay far away from them.

  • Accessorial charges – packing or unpacking services, disassembling furniture
  • Advanced charges – third-party at request, like a piano mover
  • Appliance service – disconnecting appliance at the original residence and reconnecting to a new home
  • Auxiliary service – when goods need to be transferred to another truck because a big moving truck can’t go through a narrow driveway
  • Elevator carry – loading an elevator and unloading it again, then moving things to a truck


When choosing a moving company, one of the most important things you look at are rates. To be precise, low rates. But you are not only interested in low rates, but you should also be interested in the final bill. Some companies have low rates for their services, but they charge every little thing separately like fuel, moving some appliance like washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and so on. So before you book a mover, find out which extra charges might apply for your move. Here is the list of some extra charges:

If you are looking for a reliable moving company, might be the one. They have an impressive reputation in the moving business.

Trenton is usually described as a big small city with a great location. It has everything a big city has and you don’t need a lot of time to get from place A to place B. There are around 300 trains a day that are traveling north, south and in-between. It has remarkable historic sites surrounded by a lot of public greens. With such a diverse population comes as many ethnic restaurants that you can explore. Above all, it has rising arts and cultural scene. Trenton is reinventing itself to be a place where people want to live and work in. Attracting new residents is one of the goals for stable economic growth. If you plan on moving to Trenton, you might be a part of the change.