The east and west side of the US present two completely different ways of living. So, when you consider moving to the West Side, prepare yourself for many challenges. These types of relocation aren’t like typical moving process, so a detailed approach is crucial. 

Planning and preparing well in advance is essential when moving from coast to coast. So, regardless of which city you’re moving from, here’s a basic guide about this type of relocation.

Moving to the West Side by yourself is almost impossible

Performing a DIY move is a good option for those who want to reduce moving costs. Especially when relocating a short distance away. But, when moving to the West Side, a DIY move is almost impossible. Just imagine yourself, driving a truck across the country, isn’t very cost or time effective. On the other hand, hiring a moving company removes the stress when moving across the country. Every long-distance moving experts know how to make your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Help - You need help when moving to the West Side

Moving to the West Side is much easier with the help of the professional moving company.


When moving across the country, your costs majorly depends on the number of items you tend to relocate. And why would you move thousands of miles with some of your belongings? Instead, make a hard decision about what to move and what to give away or sell. Learn how to declutter your home before you move because that will result in a significant price drop. Only bring the basics. Moving to the West Side means bringing what you need in the foreseeable future and building a new life. 


When relocating across the country, it is important to purchase moving insurance. Even when the possibility for your items to get lost or damaged during the move is small. So, make sure you hire the moving company which offers different options for local/long distance and international to insure your belongings. Moving insurance might be more important than you think. For example, released value coverage, full replacement value protection, and more.

Calculation insurance

Purchase moving insurance when performing this kind of relocation.

Transporting cars when moving to the West Side

Make sure you don’t forget to factor in transporting vehicles when moving. Find a company that can arrange full-service car shipping throughout the country. Also, it’s recommendable that the company can accommodate your vehicles for short or long term care in warehouses. But, make sure they have a license, bond, and insurance. Plus, it’s perfect if the warehouse has state of the art 24-hour surveillance cameras.

Hire a trustworthy moving company

As it’s said before, relocating to the West Side with a rented truck is not as cost-effective as in local moves. But, hiring movers to transport your household items is a much more cost-effective option.

Of course, different companies offer services at different prices. But, before you hire movers, request to know their price estimates. If the price is too low, that can be an indication of poor services. Or you may be dealing with the moving fraud. On the other hand, high prices promise elite services, but sometimes movers may be taking advantage of your situation. So, you have to consider other factors aside from price when choosing a moving company. In the end, go for a company you can trust.