Cross-country moves are not only complicated in terms of logistics but can also take a toll on your mental health. This is especially true when you’re moving to a different cultural climate. So, whether you’re relocating for college or because of a new job, moving to the East Coast will be a huge change. After all, you’re leaving the rather calm atmosphere of Idaho and moving to a much more dynamic part of the state. That’s why a good preparation prior to the actual move so that you know what to expect is quite necessary. So, without further ado, read the rest of the article and plan out your relocation to the East Coast with ease!

Choosing the city on the East Coast

Of course, the East Coast is a rather wide area, stretching from Maine to Florida. Most of the time, the location you’re moving to is predetermined by the job offer or the University you’re attending. Still, it’s crucial to research the area you’re relocating to before you organize your move. Not only will this help you orient yourself during the first few days, but it will also make you feel less nervous. The more you inform yourself before moving to the East Coast, the sooner you’ll fit right in.

On the other hand, if you’re not bound to any particular place and have the privilege to choose, the choices are endless. Among the fourteen states, you’re bound to find a place to call home and then find movers to support your long journey. To help you get started with the search, here’s our pick of the top cities on the Atlantic Coast:

  • Roanoke, Virginia – a mix of culture and history

  • Baltimore, Maryland – an affordable city in proximity to Washington and NC

  • New Haven, Connecticut – a great college town, the home of Yale University

  • Myrtle Beach, South Caroline – a city with a vacation lifestyle

  • Orlando, Florida – a top tourist destination with the perfect tropical climate

Baltimore, one of the cities to consider when moving to the East

Many people moving to the East Coast decide to settle in Maryland’s capital, Baltimore

Prepare for the culture shock

While you can easily minimize stress regarding relocation by hiring a reputable company like, a period of adjusting is inescapable. Moving from one side of the state to another means coming to a different climate, culture, and pace of life. The crucial part, however, is going to be the last bit – the hustle and bustle and the more urban atmosphere is a huge contrast to Idaho. Plus, moving to the East Coast also means moving to a more densely populated part of the state. This means learning to get around in the big city traffic by using subways or buses. Other than the rushed lifestyle, you’ll have to get used to the East Coast weather. While the overall temperatures during the year remain the same, what will be new is the rainfall amounts. In NYC, for example. there’s much more rain than in Boise. On the more positive note, tornadoes and earthquakes are not nearly as common as on the West Coast.

One thing you need to be especially prepared for is the overall cost of living on the Atlantic Coast. So, building up a nest egg is quite necessary before you relocate. One way to do so is by hiring movers online and booking a move on time.

Finding housing before moving to the East Coast

But, before you can call some city on the East Coast your home, you have to find a place to stay. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to find an apartment, as online listings are just a few clicks away. We’ve mentioned that the East Coast is somewhat costly, but you’d be surprised to learn that affordable housing is not that hard to find. Unless you plan to live in the heart of Manhattan or Center City Philadelphia, rent can be sensible. After all, moving to the East Coast means living in a much larger network of suburbs, so you are sure to find an apartment for your pocket.

Another plus is that you’ll find a lot more options for renting here than in Idaho. Other than the conventional apartment buildings, you’ll also find brownstones and rowhomes as well. There are plenty of unfurnished apartments, as a moving company can ship your furniture and other stuff with ease. All in all, there are countless options on Trulia or Zillow, so go and check them out.

a key in the door

The real estate market on the East Coast is booming, so you’ll find housing relatively easy

Organizing the move

In order to avoid typical moving mistakes, it’s essential you start planning your move on time. This is especially true when conducting a cross-country move, as they tend to be more complicated. So, start thinking about logistics at least a few weeks prior to the moving date in order to minimize stressful last-minute changes. The largest chunk of the process you’ll have to deal with is, of course, packing. In order to do it in the most efficient way, create an inventory list. Not only will this help you decide what to keep and what to throw away, but it will also simplify your unpacking process as well. Also, don’t forget to stock up on packing supplies as well as figure out the right method to breakable items. For more ideas on how to properly organize your relocation, scroll through our blog, and read in more detail.

pen and paper

In order to have a smooth relocation, you’ll need to start planning it on time – the sooner the better!

Hire professional movers

We can all agree that moving to the East Coast from Idaho is quite a project. It’s far from a simple local move where you can afford to go the DIY route. That’s why nothing should be left to chance, and professional help is very much needed. However, this doesn’t mean that the first moving company that pops up in your Google search is trustworthy. Don’t settle so easily and instead call a few of them and schedule an interview prior to signing on the dotted line. After all, you’re entrusting them with your precious belongings, and you have every right to check whether they seem reliable.