Have you decided to move up north? If you have, you are about to join hundreds of thousands of newcomers that are expected to settle in Canada in the years to come. As the Land of the Maple Leaf keeps growing, immigrants are forced to look into the most promising places to live and work. In terms of employment and living conditions, the province of Ontario ranks at the very top of the list. Nestled between Quebec and Manitoba, Ontario is the most densely populated province in the country. As this affluent province offers diverse job opportunities, moving to Ontario has become extremely popular among expats. If all your roads lead to Ontario, then you’d better start packing. There’s tedious long distance relocation ahead of you, and a different way of life to get used to.

The most popular expat destinations in Ontario

Canada’s second largest province is home to a number of urban settlements expats commonly choose as their target destinations. Research the locations and living conditions before you hit the road. If you have no idea where to start, here are some of the most popular centers in Ontario:

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • London

If we’re focusing on the costs of living, Ottawa is the most affordable in comparison with other major urban centers.

The skyline of Toronto.

Expats love Toronto

On the other hand, with the average rent of around $2,300, Toronto is by far the most expensive. However, despite the strain it puts on their budget, expats love Toronto. Immigrants make up almost a half of its population. It is the most ethnically diverse city with a number of job opportunities, especially for tech experts.

How about living in a small town?

These large centers are not the only options on the table. There are beautiful minor settlements whose proximity to the metro areas allows everyday commuting. At the west end of the Greater Toronto Area, there is the city of Burlington, a great place for families and those in search of peace and quiet. If living in Toronto turns out to be beyond your means, Burlington relocation can be simple. You can keep your job in the big city and still enjoy all the benefits or a peaceful great-for-kids neighborhood.

Research the proximity of transport and amenities

Make yourself a cup of coffee and start doing your research. Nowadays, you’ve got everything you need to know online! When choosing a city you’ll call home, you need to research the neighborhoods and living conditions in advance. Are there any schools, kindergartens and medical centers in the vicinity? What kind of transportation will you use to get to work? Most certainly, you’ll need a car to get by. When moving to Ontario, you can use a valid license from another state or country for 60 days, but then you need to get an Ontario driver’s license.

If you’re moving from the U.S., you don’t have to go through a regular process for obtaining a license, as Canada has a License Exchange Agreement with the U.S. Apparently, your only worry is whether to opt for a vehicle transport or buy a new car.

Decide on the housing options

The first dilemma is whether to rent or buy. If you have definitely decided to become a Canadian, it’s a good idea to buy a property of your own. Ottawa may be the best place for home buyers, as it holds incredibly low prices on real estate. However, renting gives you the possibility to change your mind and be more flexible about your future.

Ottawa from the perspective of the river.

Among major centers, Ottawa is the most affordable for home buyers

When combining affordability with job opportunities and urban setting, you get Hamilton. If you decide to rent an average apartment in Hamilton, you need to set aside $967. With a decent job, it’s absolutely possible to make a living.

Search for employment before moving to Ontario

As for job hunt, there are two options on the table. You can either start looking into the employment opportunities in advance, or take on a non-specialized blue-collar job when you settle in. If you decide to do the latter, the most important part is to get your SIN number, which will allow you to work legally and switch to another position, if you decide to do so. But if you’re looking for a career job, spruce up your resume and embark on the job hunt. Employment opportunities are numerous and diverse, but you need to stand out among thousands of candidates. Indeed, long distance relocation requires preparation.

Find a reliable mover

Get recommendations or start doing thorough online research. A reliable mover with experience in long distance relocation is the key element to help you survive the journey.

A road.

Harsh weather conditions demand a skilled driver with experience and insurance when moving to Ontario

With harsh weather and snowbound streets, the conditions on the road are not suitable for drivers without proper qualifications, experience and insurance. The best option is to choose among the moving companies that are used to extreme conditions. Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario certainly is. An Ontario based mover with knowledge and a proper pool of vehicles will safely get your belongings where you want them to be.

Learn some French before moving to Ontario

As there are many francophone communities in Ontario, you’d better learn some French. If you’re fluent in both languages, your employment odds are getting much better. Even if it’s not required in the job description, learning French will help you get by and assimilate more efficiently. Learning a language is never a waste of time. So, mesdames et messieurs, pack your bags. It’s time to move to Canada!