You are exploring possibilities to relocate to South Florida with your family? Moving to Miramar, Florida with family is one of the better options available. Named after a district in Havana, Cuba this city is part of wider Miami metropolitan area. Its multiculturality blends nicely with sunny skies and streets lined with palm trees. You will get a sense of a tropical lifestyle that is present here almost immediately. Keep reading this article and gather the information that will make your decision much easier.

Living essentials in the City

Let’s start with basic, and that is the cost of living. Living in South Florida is a bit higher than the national average but that is expected. The average price of a single-family home goes around 250.000$, renting an apartment with one bedroom is around 1000$, not counting the utilities. One other thing that you should know is the sales tax in the city is 6 percent.


Transportation is doesn’t differ much from any metropolitan area. Rush hours are in the morning and evening when people are going and coming back from work. In the vicinity, you have two international airports, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport and Miami Airport. Fairly close are two ports that are mainly used for cruisers. Locally you have a bus system that you can use to travel around the county. Connection to Miami is also possible by the bus and to get to Palm Beach you can use County Palm Train.

A road in Florida with water front on both sides.
Transportation means are various in Miramar.

Employment after moving to Miramar

Most of the people that live in Miramar are commuters to Miami and Fort Lauderdale as tourism and health care are booming in this part of the country. At the present time, the average household income is around 66,560$. Jobs in Mira mar are similar to ones that can be found in Miami. Biggest employers are the City of Miramar with local schools, with cruise line companies and health care clinics coming close behind.

Miramar climate

The climate in Miramar is tropical and, unlike others, you will be having your vacations somewhere with snow. You don’t want your children not to experience the joy of making a snowman or hitting his/her sibling with a snowball. Other then lack of snow the climate is perfect for raising kids as winters are mild and warm. During winter temperature is in the low 70s with almost no rain which is quite an interesting fact. On the other hand, summers are tropical; hot and humid with temperatures in the range between 80 and 90 degrees. There is a reason why Miami Heat has that particular name.

A storm, which is one of the downsides of moving to Miramar.
Hurricanes are one of not so many downsides of moving to Miramar.

The important thing to know is that hurricanes and tropical storms are a threat to this area. Which is expected, being the city is so close to the coast. Bear in mind that you will need time to adjust to the weather in Florida. Especially if you are coming from other parts of the country which are much more colder.

Miramar’s educational system

One other reason why moving to Miramar, Florida with family is an education system set in place here. For higher education, you have Barry University, Broward College, Florida International University and the University of Miami. In fact, Broward County Public Schools system is among the top 10 public school systems in the USA. There are 20 elementary schools, 10 Middle schools, and 7 High schools. If we add a number of 20+ private schools you can see easily why moving here with kids would be a great choice.

Neighborhoods in Miramar

Now we came to the most important part. All the areas are mainly residential as Miramar serves as a living place for most of the people that working in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Residential neighborhoods that you will want to live in are Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, and West Park.

A panoramic view of one part of Florida.
Weather is mild during winters, you can enjoy with your family outside during the whole year

Entertainment and culture

Locally best place for everything is Pembroke Gardens. Above all, here you can find a variety of stores, eating establishments, entertainment options and bustling atmosphere to make this outdoor shopping center worth a visit.

If you are interested in something more you will have to venture outside the Miramar. Best taste of Cuban culture that is present all around you can feel in Fort Lauderdale’s entertainment district. And different kinds of sense you can satisfy by trying some distinct dishes from Cuban cuisine.

Miami Heat

Down south in Miami, you can find even more, especially if you are into sports or your kids are. You would like to take them to the American Airlines arena where Miami Heat, after the retirement of Dwayne Wade, has a new leader in Jimmy Butler. A perfect personality for what Miami Heat represents.

Other teams that locals usually cheer for are Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers. I have to mention Hurricanes from the University of Miami, but only because they have such a cool name.

Moving to Miramar

You have made the decision and you are moving to Miramar in Florida. Miramar has to offer quality moving services but there is work that you have to do on your side as well. Don’t make typical moving mistakes! If you are moving for the first time brace yourself, a lot of stress is coming your way. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from another county, another state or even if you are coming from another country.

In every moving situation make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Hiring an exceptional moving company like the one available at is always the right decision. Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid.

Moving to Miramar, Florida with family is a great way to start your life over in a sunny tropical city.

Also, if you are moving to Miramar as a senior or you are planning a move for your parents or grandparents, do your due diligence. Moving the elderly requires even more energy than moving a family.