College is over and you think the problems are behind you. But, to be honest, big decisions and stressful life are there after college. Looking for a good job, finding a place to live, maybe starting a family, these are all huge steps. If you are considering moving to Massachusetts after college life, it may be a good idea only if you are prepared and you have all the right information.

The first thing you should do before you organize your move is to explore this state and to see what it has to offer. From housing to a job market and costs of living. Luckily, here you may find some of the biggest answers and helpful tips.

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Choose the best place here in MA, and pack your boxes

Moving to Massachusetts – costs

Costs of your relocation will depend on the distance from your college to Massachusetts, the size of items and their weight, travel fees, and some additional services. So, if you are moving from CA to MA, for example, it will be more expensive than from NY to MA. If you want more affordable transport, you can find great movers in Allston, MA and ask for a better price. There are always ways to cut moving costs, but hiring unlicensed and uninsured company is not one of them, for sure.

The job market in Massachusetts

Is Massachusetts a good state for job seekers and what industries are the best and popular there? First of all, the unemployment rate is 3.1% which is a very good rate. Most residents work in the healthcare industry, education, office, and administrative support, sales, and food industry. The average salary per year is about $60,000.

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Find your dream job and move to MA

What industries are popular now? Architecture, engineering, computer, healthcare, education, library, business, and technical industries are fields where you should easily find a job in Massachusetts. The highest salaries are in mathematical and computer (IT) industry. It is logical because it is booming all over the world, especially in the USA. According to statistic, it is one of the best states in the USA for job opportunities (7th place on the list).

Costs of living in Massachusetts

Also, the costs of living are one of the biggest factors to consider when moving to Massachusetts. The rate of the cost of living is 139 (the US average is 100). That means it is 39 above the national average. The biggest cost is housing, but if you want to cut and to find an affordable home, there are many cities with cheap homes. Most people after college do not buy a home, they rent it. The average rent for a studio apartment is $830 and for a 1-bedroom apartment is $920 which is a very affordable price. On the other hand, you can find a roommate. If you move with your pet, try to find a pet-friendly neighborhood and apartment.

In conclusion, Massachusetts has a little bit higher costs of living, including utilities, housing, food, and transportation. But, the average salary is higher and healthcare is cheaper.

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Before you move, calculate how much living in MA will cost you

The best places in MA for young professionals

If you do not have a job offer yet, that means you can move wherever you want to. You should choose from one of the best places for starting a business or to find your dream job. Pilgrim State offers many places that may be perfect for you. Your new home city should have a good nightlife, plenty of job opportunities, bars, coffee shops, etc.

  • Cambridge
  • Brookline
  • Boston
  • Waltham
  • Newton
  • Westborough

Why should you move to MA after college?

Job is not the only reason for relocation. It is one of the most important, but not the only one. This state has a lot to show and offer. What can you expect if you choose to live here and it is so special? What to know before you start your life there. Have some fun and learn some fun and important facts, at the same time.

  • With moving to Massachusetts, comes also love to sports games. Soccer, basketball, football, hockey, etc.
  • The Bay State has a rich history and a long tradition. You will have a lot of places to visit and a lot to learn.
  • Looking for one of the best places for beer lovers? This is it, you do not have to search anymore.
  • Same-Sex couples can get married in MA since 2004.
  • Berkshire Mountains are one of the places you must see at least once in your life.
  • Boston cream pie is a cake with chocolate and custard. this dessert is the official MA dessert.
  • Massachusetts has amazing hospitals and healthcare.

Finding a moving company for Massachusetts relocation

Moving from your dorm to a real house or apartment is exciting. Most students after moving, continue to live with roommates to cut living costs. If you want to live with a friend, hire a moving company and split expenses. Even if you will move alone to MA, having an experienced company is highly recommended. The last thing you need is additional stress with transportation. Be prepared and choose the best movers. You will if you do homework. Research, read online moving reviews, visit company’s websites such as and start a new life in Massachusetts stress-free.

Moving to Massachusetts and loading boxes into a van

Find a moving company, so you do not have to pack and relocate on your own

Now, your life will be totally different. Moving to Massachusetts, especially when you are finished with education, is a new experience. But, a nice one.  4 years of college are now behind you, so work on your career. In MA, you should find a good job and have a decent life. Good luck with relocation and adjusting to a new place.