When you need to pick a new place to live, you’re faced with one of the biggest challenges in your life. This is additionally complicated if you’re moving with your family. However, some cities in Canada are simply better than others and present the top choice for people who want to move. One of them is surely Oakville. If you’re not familiar with it, continue reading. Here are the top three reasons why Oakville should be your new home if you’re moving to Ontario this year.

Small town feel

Even though it has a population of about 200,000, Oakville provides its residents with a small-town feel. They can be a part of a tight, friendly community despite the number of people living in this city. Welcoming people of all walks of life, Oakville is a perfect mix in terms of population, affordability, cultures, etc. Residents love still calling the place ‘town’ even though it has overgrown its name. Knowing you’re moving to a peaceful place like this will make your move less stressful.

A man looking at a globe and thinking as you should be doing if Oakville should be your new home

Choosing a new place to live can be challenging.

Oakville should be your new home even though you’re not rich

At the first glance, Oakville attracts mostly wealthy residents. More expensive properties and a higher standard of living is something we notice right away. However, the reality is a bit more different. As the city is one of the best places to move with your family for years now, and popular among people from different social backgrounds, it’s safe to say not only wealthy families are welcome here. Despite higher living costs, the place is popular because of the higher salaries. Many people decide to raise a family in Oakville, but also retire in this city, which shows that the place suits different budgets. That’s why if you’re moving to Canada, don’t be afraid to reach out to assistance in the area, as you can enjoy high-quality moving services at reasonable prices.

A building in Oakville

The city is a favorite among different people, and that’s a sign that maybe Oakville should be your new home.

Proximity to Toronto

Being able to commute to Toronto easily and quickly is not something you should forget. Many people feel that Toronto is too big or too busy for them, so they decide to relocate to a more calm environment. And this is not a problem since commuting between these two cities for work is short and smooth. So, if you decide Oakville should be your new home and move from Toronto, head to number1movers.ca to find the most professional moving team in this area. A stress-free relocation to Oakville is imperative, and only reliable moving companies can help you achieve it.


It’s true that Oakville is one of the places many people decide to move to. However, make sure you decide that Oakville should be your new home based on several other factors. The needs, requirements, and lifestyle of your family are crucial to determine this. It’s a choice you should make based on your personal preferences, so you can truly make this place home.