Kuwait has been a well-liked location for ex-pats for many years. Coming to this Arab nation continues to be appealing today. We would like to share with you the visa and legal requirements while moving from the USA to Kuwait.

Secure Your Long-Term Residence when Moving from the USA to Kuwait

International residents must get a residency visa (iqama) to remain and work in Kuwait. The only two parties that can grant this visa are a legitimate and reputable private enterprise or a Kuwaiti government agency. The expatriate employee’s application for the iqama is made by the Kuwaiti employer. After that, you will get a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC), which allows you to enter Kuwait. Once you arrive in Kuwait, a real residency visa will be yours. A thorough medical certificate is mandatory prior to getting the resident visa.

Dependent Visas for Foreigners in Kuwait with Family

A male ex-pat can sponsor his wife and kids to live with him while he works in Kuwait after successfully obtaining residency. However, due to certain income criteria, only expatriates who make at least 650 KWD monthly can bring their families with them. Similar to residency visas, dependant visas follow the same process. When you arrive in Kuwait, you receive a real visa. Additionally, dependents must go through the same medical exams. While going through these exams you can experience the emotional stress of relocating to a new city. Female expatriates can’t sponsor their spouses, which is a patriarchal twist. Despite this restriction, sons above the age of 21 don’t have permission to have a sponsor. Additionally, dependents who wish to work in Kuwait will require a second work visa sponsored by a Kuwaiti national.

Various Forms of Accommodation are available after moving from the USA to Kuwait

Foreigners now have restrictions from purchasing property in Kuwait, yet this rule may soon change. Expats must meet several requirements to obtain permission to own property in Kuwait. You must have a clean criminal record but also be a permanent resident of Kuwait with enough income to buy the home. Your home in Kuwait should be your own, not exceed 1,000 square meters, and be only for residential reasons. Renting a home is the most popular option for ex-pats in Kuwait until these restrictions loosen up sometimes. Kuwait has a wide variety of rental properties, including large single-family homes and one-bedroom apartments in tower buildings.

How to Locate a New Residence

It is never simple to find a decent temporary residence. However, Kuwait makes things simpler than a lot of other places for ex-pats. There is no shortage of high-quality accommodation, and landlords are frequently eager to rent to foreigners. Private schools and large international corporations frequently provide housing for their foreign personnel. Even if this isn’t the situation, your employer or the appropriate HR department can typically assist you at the beginning of your search.

  • Consult a real estate agent in the area.
  • Check out internet real estate directories like Mourjan and the Kuwait Real Estate Directory.
  • Ask about availability when you visit complexes or apartment buildings; you might get lucky and learn that an apartment will soon be vacated.

While locating a new residence in the process of moving, explore your storage solutions

Before you organize your house, you still need to follow customs procedures and finish all the paperwork. Things we suggest you do is find a place for your possessions as you’re relocating to Kuwait. Doing this can help you to focus on the more significant aspects of your life thanks to teams of expert movers and packers.

The man is sorting the boxes after moving from the USA to Kuwait;

Storing your possessions will improve your mood and let you focus on important things while relocating to a whole new continent.

Work Permits are Necessary for moving from the USA to Kuwait

Your employer will be totally accountable for you once you enter the country and will be required to apply for a permit on your behalf. This implies that they must open a bank account for you, arrange housing for you, and do other things in addition to being accountable if you breach the law. To work in Kuwait, you must have a sponsor, who is typically, though not always, your company. You and your company must submit the following paperwork in order to apply for a work permit:

  • The visa application form
  • A photocopy of your sponsor’s passport
  • A current pay stub from your sponsor’s workplace
  • Documented verification for family members
  • Your sponsor’s work permit for independent contractors

Provide the work permit to your local Kuwaiti embassy for endorsement after your sponsor receives it. Also, you can change your visit visa into a work permit if you are already within the nation, but you will have to leave first.

Move your possessions while moving from the USA to Kuwait

Think about whether you want to relocate your possessions internationally on your own or if you’ll need the help of a moving company. Consider taking a look at easymovekw.com and alert them to any delicate or priceless items that require special handling. You will likely require expert assistance to ship your belongings unless you are traveling very lightly.

Acquire health insurance while going to Kuwait

Due to the high cost of healthcare in their new country or the lack of particular treatments and procedures, many ex-pats get private medical insurance, even if it is not a necessity of residence. Too often, people who are trying to get health insurance focus exclusively on finding the cheapest premiums rather than taking into account the precise features and coverage areas they may require. They frequently severely restrict the benefits you might obtain from the plan and may impose high voluntary deductibles on any claims you could make in the future.

A stethoscope and a laptop on a white surface;

Having appropriate insurance will make you an easier way of checking up on your health while in Kuwait.

Transfer funds to a new bank

Money can be sent in a variety of ways between countries. Most of the time, your home bank will be happy to help. With them, you can set up on-demand services whereby you fax or call, give them a secret code or two, tell them the amount in question, and transfer it to your new bank while immediately translating it into the appropriate local currency. You can also make foreign payments online with some banks. While doing this, you can also think about saving money on storage since international relocations are always on the pricey side. Regardless of the method you use, transfers typically take between 3 and 7 days, though they are sometimes available in 1-2 days.

In conclusion

To conclude, moving from the USA to Kuwait will be an adventure of its own. We want to make it easier for you so you can focus on important things rather than stress while making an international relocation.