The choice has been made. You’ve accepted the job and narrowed down your options for new homes, and you’ll be relocating shortly. The most difficult phase is still to come: organizing the move and informing the children. Whether it’s a move across the country or just down the street, children and adolescents aren’t usually overjoyed. In reality, they aren’t used to such drastic changes. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make the change go more smoothly. Your attitude about relocating and readiness to allow your children to participate in the process will have an impact on their sentiments. So, let’s go over what our experts from East Coast Haul said about moving from Saudi Arabia to NYC with kids.

Talk with your kids

Organize a family gathering. Tell your children that you’re pleased about relocating because of a promotion or a new job. Justify your decision and how it will affect your entire family. Let them know how you feel about the relocation. Encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings. It may be especially tough for them if this is their first move because they will be leaving their family home. Share your first-move experience with them. Make them aware that you will be relying on them to assist you with the relocation, from packing to settling in.

Family talking

Talking to your kids in a friendly atmosphere will help them take in the news.

Ask for the kids’ opinion on your new apartment

If at all feasible, include your children in the process of choosing a new house, especially if they are older. Get feedback from the kids once you’ve reduced the options down to two or three houses. Take them to visit the houses if you’re relocating within a reasonable driving distance. Show them images of each property, discuss the areas in-depth, and, if possible, take a virtual tour online if you’re relocating to another city. Inquire about their three favorite aspects of each home. Tell them you’ll think about their suggestions before making a final choice. After you’ve chosen a home, keep them updated on the progress. When you know you’ve got the house, have a little party.


Make it clear to the youngsters that now is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of the clutter. There are certain to be a number of items in the house that you do not need to take with you to your new home. Invite the kids to assist you in going through the house, room by room, to choose what should accompany you and what may be discarded.

A pile of random items

Decluttering is a great way to reduce the amount of stuff that you have to ship from Saudi Arabia to NYC during your move.

Tell them you don’t want to throw everything away. It’s fine to keep certain items that bring back fond memories. Items that are no longer in use, whether they be clothes, toys, or gadgets, should be carefully examined for the throw pile. You don’t have to throw them out; you may sell them instead. After the decluttering, you will be able to prepare your belongings stress-free and much more quickly. That way the packing process will be much easier for all of you.

Research the new area

When moving from Saudi Arabia to NYC with kids, it’s important to do research! There are many pros and cons to living on the East Coast, especially in NYC. Learn everything you can about your new neighborhood, community, and town. Share what you discover with your children. You don’t have to make everything seem fantastic; straightforward, factual information will serve you well in the long run.

There’s an opportunity for disappointment if you oversell something and inflate expectations. Encourage your children to conduct independent research. They can go online and search for neighborhood and school Web sites with your assistance. There were also copies of a few local magazines and a weekend edition of the local paper to be found. You’ll be able to learn about local organizations and clubs, as well as school events and sports, as well as other social and civic activities.

Make room plans

Make room ideas to get your kids enthusiastic about the new house. You are not limited to their rooms. Allow them to assist with the arrangement and decoration of other rooms in the house. Visit a hardware shop to examine paint samples. If your children are interested in buying new furniture, bring them along. Set a budget for teens and let them decorate their rooms on their own, choosing colors, linens, carpets, and furniture. Encourage them to purchase at thrift and consignment shops. You may make a budget with younger children and work with them on putting their ideas into action. After that, you can invite some relatives or friends around for a “large” get-together.

If you plan out your rooms, the unpacking can be easier. If you hire a reputable moving company like Four Winds KSA, you can ask them to unload the boxes to the desired locations. That way the job will be much faster and easier.

Host a going away party

Saying goodbye to friends is one of the most painful aspects of moving from Saudi Arabia to NYC for any youngster. You can make this less stressful by throwing a “Going away” party with family, friends, and neighbors. There are many cool DIY decorations that you can make to up the atmosphere. Ensure that everyone exchanges contact information at the party, and snap photographs of your children with their pals.


Hosting a going-away party is a great way to end your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Your children should be able to keep previous connections through texting, e-mails, and phone conversations while adjusting to their new surroundings and meeting new friends. You may talk to the parents of your children’s friends about organizing a weekend visit or meeting someplace halfway for a day visit, depending on the distance of your relocation.

Embrace the tourist inside of you

You’ve been at your new home for about a week now. The boxes are slowly but gradually being unpacked, and you and the kids are settling into your new quarters. It’s now time to settle into your new neighborhood. Purchase a guidebook for your new city if one is available. Take it along with a calendar and sit down to arrange some fun trips in the region after moving from Saudi Arabia to NYC with kids. Whether you go apple or strawberry picking at a local farm, visit a natural science museum, or go hiking, rafting, or kayaking at a neighboring state park, it’s crucial to keep your kids entertained and show them everything your new community has to offer. Encourage each youngster to invite a buddy along on your trips if they’ve made some new pals in your neighborhood or at school.