The coronavirus pandemic has changed the plans of people worldwide. Perhaps, you might have been thinking about some home renovation investments that would’ve paid off.  Maybe you had some other plan on your mind. While you can put some plans on hold, what to do with move urgent matters? While everyone’s talking about social distancing, as the best possible precaution, what to do if you need to move? And is your urgent move even possible during the stay at home order? As Florida seems to be one of the countries issuing the stay at home order, let’s see if moving during the stay at home order is even an option.

Florida and COVID-19

With more than 7,000 cases of coronavirus in Florida, the government has decided to take a more serious approach, following more than 30 other states. Since the south of Florida seems to be affected the most, the governor has decided to sign the “Safer-at-home” order.


Recently, on 30th March 2020, Governor RonDeSanstic announced that he would issue an executive order, which would apply to four counties. It would mean that those in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties will be supposed to stay at home for 30 days. The latest news is that on April the 3rd, the order will go into effect. So how does this affect you and your moving plans? And if you hurry up, is moving on short notice with proper help even possible?


A handshake.

Avoid physical contact

Moving services

A professional help while moving is so valuable. A reliable company like  Miami Gardens movers will solve your problems, and make the moving process much easier for you. But, during the pandemic, can you still hire moving services? At this point, moving services are still available. Major moving companies seem to be working still. With that in mind, it’s still up to franchise owners to decide about potentially closing. If you’ve got a move scheduled and you haven’t heard from the company, assume that everything’s going according to plan. But you can still call them and see for yourself.

What’s different?

For now, the main difference in providing moving services seems to related to the customer experience, actually. It means that everyone is usually avoiding the physical contact between the employees from the moving company and clients. And of course, there are move precautions taken, which include more frequent hand washing.

Tips for moving during stay at home order

It’s reasonable if you don’t know the procedure for moving during stay at home order. After all, this is uncharted territory, and we are all waiting for any news and recommendations on how to behave. In the meanwhile, there are several tips that can help your move go as smoothly as possible during the pandemic. 

Be honest

If you or someone you’ve been in contact with recently is experiencing coronavirus symptoms, you should tell your movers. Also, you should let your movers know if you’re isolating due to any previous travel or exposure. Honesty and self-discipline are important for keeping the virus from spreading. And the chances are your movers will still help you, but they will take the necessary precautions.

Provide your movers with disinfectants

To help your movers follow the protocol, provide them with disinfectants, like soap, wipes, gels, or alcohol. These days, there is a shortage of disinfectants worldwide, so it would be good to help your movers protect themselves and you as well. They’d use these products before and after transporting your belongings and for disinfecting the doorknobs and other objects. However, if you’re not sure you have enough of these hygiene products yourself, let your moving company know beforehand.

Hand sanitizer, a mask, and gloves

Disinfection is important

Try to not use recycled moving supplies

This is not the time to be using moving supplies that someone else has used before. For example, on the cardboard coronavirus can live for as long as 24 hours. Also, this virus can live on other surfaces as well, depending on the surface. So, in order to avoid any unnecessary exposure, buy new supplies through self-checkout and be sure to wipe them, if possible. Also, you can use the boxes you already have in your own home.

You might want to cancel your move if…

If you’re in a high-risk group, you might want to cancel your move. Of course, if that’s possible in the first place. It’s no worth risking your life, only for the sake of your move. So, postpone your move if you, or your family member:

  • is a diabetic
  • has a history of cardiovascular or respiratory conditions
  • is over 60 years old

If you think about canceling your moving services

If you’re not sure about moving under stay at home order, you might want to cancel it sooner rather than later. The sooner you cancel your moving services, the sooner will the company be able to change their plans. But, if you’re still not sure about the procedure, just contact them and see if something had changed and how.

Think ahead if you need to travel when moving under stay at home order

We are yet to find out how far the stay at home order will extend. So far, it’s safe to assume that people will be able to walk around for essential and urgent matters. So, since everyone’s finding out more information as time goes by, you should ask about any cancellation policies, in case you need to travel for your move. If you need to book hotels, for example, you should make sure that you don’t waste your money.

Red X, a symbol for "cancel"

Ask about cancellation policies

Be careful

You should be extra careful during the epidemic, and you should follow all the rules regarding washing your hands and disinfecting your house and the objects you touch. Also, don’t meet with people unless you really have to. This means that after moving during stay at home order, you should definitely wait before meeting your new neighbors.

Take the opportunity of the time you have

If you’ve never heard of home-staging, then you know that every detail can make all the difference. And now least, you probably have more time to focus on the details. Take this time to decorate your new home and to make it just the way you want. Make your new home the place where you feel the most comfortable. This way, you’ll make the most of moving during the stay at home order.