Change is always hard, and moving abroad is a huge change. Teenagers usually do not like getting out of their comfort zone, so for them, the process of relocation can be a very stressful experience. While for some people, moving abroad represents something new and exciting, for young adults it is usually a scary thing. But fear not! There is a solution to everything. You can help your teen in many ways. Be prepared for some meltdowns, but try to focus on the positive things. If you are interested in how to prepare for moving abroad with teenagers, and for a long distance relocation, keep on reading.

Family Meeting is a Must!

It is important to communicate with your children. However, with teens, most of the time, that is a very difficult thing. These types of conversations are usually followed by emotional turmoils and major battles at home. Teens are not children, but not adults either. So, you will need a different approach. Try to find an appropriate moment and a gentle way to break the big news to your son or daughter. Explain to them why this move is necessary. Try to focus on all the positive aspects of the relocation. Also, try to spark your child’s interest in the new area, the new opportunities, and the new adventures that are waiting for you. Do not forget to encourage them to speak, discuss and ask questions. Their feedback will be useful. These are just some of the things that you should talk about before moving abroad with your teens.

Family meeting about moving abroad with teenagers.

One of the best ways to tell your teens about relocation is over dinner. Cook your child’s favorite meal, create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and start talking.

Visit the New Place

Before the actual moving day, it may be a good idea to go to your new place with your teens first. Whether you are moving to a new city or a new country, it is necessary to explore your future home. So, book your plane tickets, and prepare for a short trip. Moving abroad with teenagers is stressful, but if they get a glimpse of their new home, they might change their mind and start to feel excited. While you are there, you should encourage your teen to explore the new place.

That way he or she will begin to become familiar with the town, where to hang out, schools, colleges and maybe meet some new friends. Also, try to do all sorts of fun activities there. If there is a beach, have a picnic there, if not, there are always many parks around. Check out restaurants and local cuisine. Do not forget to have fun!

Declutter and Downsize

Since you are moving abroad with teenagers, you will have a lot on your mind. It is important not to bring every single thing with you. Life with less is simpler, so try to encourage your teens to declutter and clean up. It is very expensive to ship all of your belongings, so try to get rid of some unnecessary things before the moving truck arrives. It is also a good idea to hire some professionals, like Nicholas Moving Systems Inc, who will help you move out. There are many ways to declutter and downsize. For example:

  • Give to friends and family – if you have some items that are valuable, but you can not take them with you, nor you want to sell them, consider giving them to some of your closest friends and family members.
  • Donate – if you have some things, like clothes, that you no longer wear, just donate them to some local charitable organization. In that way, you are both decluttering and helping those in need.
  • Sell – however, if you need extra cash, you can always sell some of the things that you no longer use. Organize a yard sale or simply sell them online.
  • Bye, Bye – this is simple – if it has no use, throw it away. Do not get oversentimental. Life is not about material things.
Clothes racks - when moving abroad with teenagers, decluttering is a must

When moving abroad with your teenagers, it is important to declutter first. Encourage your teens to leave some of their things behind.

Get Them Involved

Being a teen is hard. Moreover, saying goodbye to your friends and everything that is familiar to you is even harder. So, take your teens feelings into consideration. Before moving abroad with your teenagers, get them involved. Do not exclude them from decision making. Consider your teen’s whiches and opinions on the new neighborhood and new schools. Of course, you will have the final say, but try not to make it that obvious. It is important that their voices are heard. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can choose a moving date together. Furthermore, you can tell them to pick and design their own rooms. You can also pack together, they can decide what they shall bring to their new home. All that is left is to wait for professional movers.

Before Moving Abroad with Teenagers Organise a Proper Goodbye Party!

When you are a teenager, your friends mean everything to you. So, a proper goodbye party is needed. Tell your son or daughter to take full control over this party. Encourage them to invite all of their friends from school and the neighborhood. Of course, you should invite all of the closest family members as well. Teenagers love shopping – so they can be in charge of food, snacks, drinks, and party decorations. Try to make this a fun event. Play some music and create a comfortable environment. Tell your teens to exchange their contact information, phones, and social media accounts. Skype is always a good idea. It is always a smart plan to tell your children that they can visit their friends over the summer break. In this way, they have something to look forward to.

Dinner and snacks

During the party, prepare your children’s favorite meals and snack. That can get their mind off the upcoming move.